Unemployment Rate in Kenya + Economic Recession

Corona just added fuel to the fire. Tangu last year tumekuwa tukiskia layoffs, now because of covid it has accelerated.

Gatheca should open the economy and give subsidies for people to kick off the dead economy

Seriously though,I don’t think there is anyone who would be renting if they had an option to own their place.
Before Covid money was already scarce and now with Covid things are about get a whole lot worse.
By the way hiyo story ya people selling from their boots is very true even in our estate we’ve noticed same hadi it’s become a topic of discussion on the estate WhatsApp group.

There are people who rent out of convenience. An average life cycle means you need different sizes of housing as you move a long. Out of campus I was in a one bedroom. Then moved to a 2 BR. Then a 3 BR. When the kids get older I’ll need a 4 BR with a DSQ. When they are off to college and move out, I’ll be back to a 2BR. I don’t see a reason to have my own 4BR that I’m not utilizing when I can rent it out for more. I have rentals, but I don’t live in any of them. & I know a couple of folk who do the same.

Nakula overtime mwenda na hii curfew. But I also chip in to help my estate fundis/security/barmaids who are hit hardly.

Story ya kuuza groceries kwa boot ya gari mimi pia naona imeongezeka mtaani sana. About 2 weeks ago, I was surprised to see a decent looking woman sell manyanya from the boot of a sleek SUV number plate KCT something. This was outside a shopping mall and she wasn’t alone

Mr. Self employment is good. But as long as you sell to the community, lazima utaona dips in sales. You can never be totally insulated from an economic crash if you sell goods and services to the public. However, you should be better off.

Mungu mbele mdau.

Am told after shortlisting of health workers in one of the counties in western, people were invited for interview. Surprisingly no interview was conducted, guys were directed to buy 2 files each from a nearby shop and submit to the interviewers.after that they were told they will be contacted.that was 5th may, by 7th may new faces were posted in various hospitals
Now you will see stationary budget 10m

Pia kdf I tried my luck cadet. Nikashinda hizo upuzi za kukimbia,height,weight pale Kwa stage ya mwisho we were told we buy credit ya bamba 250. Hivyo ndio job ilinichenga. Saa hii ningekuwa supplier mkuu WA makaa pale Afamadow.

Lazy Reporters Already Wameona Hii


actually they will very soon, they can now access 40% of pension as deposit to buy houses.

@conteh remember this conversation 4/5yrs ago?

Umeipata kabisa. Telling guys with depressed or no earnings to remain liquid doesnt make sense. The gap between the have and have nots ita kuwa worse. The very few capital owners na wheeler dealers ndio watakua liquid in my view.