Unemployment Rate in Kenya + Economic Recession

I know at least 10 people who have lost their jobs or had salary deductions in the last 3 months. Nimefanya rounds to some locations in Nai today. Kule leafy suburbs watu wa Subaru’s and Toyotas (middle class) wanauza vitunguu na mandizi from their cars. Na ni wengi SANA. A friend told me crime has increased in their area from gangsters on motorbikes. Corona imefinya watu makeii mbaya, especially employed guys. I think unemployment rate in Kenya right now is at astronomical levels. Expect steep discounts on prime property as people tap out. Stay liquid.

It just started. By October things will be thick

brownskin ntaKujenga mkia
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Mmunya ii 30 … UStep big big

As long as uhunye renews our 21 day subscription things will not get any easier especially those people whose job was during the night like waitress and street Kungurus also remittance from abroad has deteriorated and this leaves the economy with less liquidity

There’s a school of thought that suggests a lot of renters will want to buy houses after this pandemic. Or buy land to build their own abode. So the market crash people are expecting may not be as bad.

By December sijui hali itakuaje

This is true. Hata mimi nime shangaa my area guys wamepark kando ya barabara selling all sorts of things.

From edibles to bed sheets etc. The area imekua soko.

Three months ago hao watu hawakuwa. Most likely ni watu wamefutwa jobs ama wamekatwa mshahara.

mkia 130 nimeongeza

The renters who can’t afford rent now will want to buy land…ok.

Watu wa service industries wanaumia

kama kuuza uwoga ingekuwa biashara, ungekuwa millionaire

Na hapa ktalk si mnachukia middo crass!

Facts ni ukweli, tupende tusipende, ata hood yetu ni the same…people selling goods from their cars everywhere…kuweni rada …save money

It is called adaptation.

Hehe. You may understand that statement as you wish.

Yes, the key is to stay liquid coz we’re going to see massive deflation with everything else except food, ie. the cost of education, cars, property etc

Can’t relate. The day I learned hii Kenya yetu ndio upate kazi lazima uhongane ama ukuwe na godfather. I challenged myself why can’t I create my own employment. Since then I have never looked back.

am in that group.the problem is, people wont have money.

:D:D you have caught this guy like a deer in the headlights.