Undisclosed Lokeshen 2:Big discovery

How the hell does he even know our names!Anyway our car wont start na its pouring heavy na tuko jeshi so haizuru,tukasema isorait twende kwake.

He drove all the way without saying a thing only grinning at the little jokes we made in his car."We are here!"His voice suddenly burst out.Wow,this dude lived in a palace,not a mansion,a palace like he was royalty.Such a big gate with towering walls.The electrical gate slowly paved the way and in we went.

We were all silent juu the place was something out of movies tu!Then a tall,slender,hot(hot in this case is extermely hot and I mean it)lady dressed in a white dress opened the drivers car door and kissed the guy on the cheeks"Babe…"then she saw us "awh I see you have visitors for us!"The guy looked at us and nodded.

The wife prepared a scrumptious meal…served kwa dining table ya kings and queens,a really long one.The guy and lady sat on both ends of the table facing each other.I was hungry so hakuna aibu na keroma nimejiserve watu wakisip wine tu.Weird nyagus but ilikua tamu."Hii ni nyama gani??"nimewika without looking up.The lady chuckled then akasema ni liver.Ok.

"Babe the guys knocked my car and ran,caught up with them petrol station,"the dude alishout to the lady who burst out laughing.This was a really weird household.Such a big house no kids,servants anywhere I started to notice as the lady laughed.

"That was us when we were young remember,?"she said as they all laughed,my friends were laughing too and I couldn’t get what was so funny.

"I need to use the bathroom!"nikashow the dude akanidirect.I walked around the mansion quickly then something caught my eye,the large kitchen with blood on the door handle.Nikasema labda the lady alishika akikata liver mbichi but still I found myself going in.

Huge cabinets,small dining table,microwave,a huge fridge and a huge freezer.A freezer?kwani hii kubwa hivi wanaweka nini,I thought to myself.Out of curiosity nikaamua kufungua freezer…huge mistake.Coz I froze.

I quickly closed the freezer.No it can’t be.Severed arms ,legs, heads yea HUMAN BODY PARTS!Nikacheka kiasi na nikabreathe out ‘hii ni ile weed’ I assured myself and opened the freezer again to make sure I was just high.Fuck kichwa ya a man ata macho haijafungika.Quickly closed it and opened the fridge.It was full of well packed liver,lungs and beef 'but whose’my mind was now running quickly.I should get out of here,but how do I warn the others!?!?

I heard a door lock turned then met face to face with the lady who just smiled,"dont be afraid,I knew you guys couldn’t get enough of the liver right?"I just nodded in affirmative.

"Well cmon help me whip some more,"then her gaze changed now it was like she was looking at my soul then she whispered,“its been awhile since we had visitors”

Sijasoma na sisomi

And their names were Mr and Mrs. Idi Amin Dada?

Mr & Mrs. Hannibal

…alafu ukaamka ukatoa godoro inje ikauke…

if it is a must it has to be fictional, at least talk of things we are used to, like dyfy stuff

@Jimit I never said fiction…dwyfwy itakam tu pt3 but very weird dwyfwy


Fungua mlango

nimekua Noah ama

@pamba tuletee summary priss

@leviathon, kuwa mpole pls. Nimesaree my dinner! and I will be vegan for quite a while. Thenks.

Seems you finished watching Hannibal.

Nice hekaya. Waiting for part 3.

Can’t wait to hear how it turns out, does everybody die? Does op go all fifty shades of gray on the white dress lady before she eats him? Does khaleesi fly in with her dragons to save the day? Oh the suspense is killing me! The horror… The horror!!


@Miss Finest Wine, how an I supposed to start liking stuff like this?

@Mathaais, I don’t blame you. I think part 3 will be worse if is headed where I suspect it is heading to. I do not see myself following up either. Hii imetosha.