understanding how xenforo and by extension ktalk works...................

To those who have ever been to Siberia and back ie @Panyaste @Bingwa @Wakanyama et all those who have had the admin put a timeouts on how fast you can reply ie ile message ya " you have to wait for 327 seconds to reply to this message" Those who have had their likes “stolen” …well i decided to do some digging upande ule mwingine wa “seffer” and what I found out left me speechless for starters hebu watch hii clip uone the God-like powers Admin na moderators wa xenforo wako nazo!!!


sometimes back I put in a request to admean to delete my account and went on to stay away for close to 4 months. Surprise on me when one afternoon i tried to log in with my credentials !!! vuala I was in! I found it strange for two reasons:

  1. The admean clearly disregarded my express instructions.
  2. That I as an originator of my content does not have any control over it once it goes into whatever it goes

Now don’t get me wrong as a member of a forum it just natural that some aspects of my threads or post be completely removed ie posts that are made in anger,outbursts, when drunk when I resume my normal state. While I have found the mods helpful I don’t have to explain to anyone or rather request them to do it on my behalf I should have that inherent right.

Secondly tying the members content up will result in members withholding their creativity or rather holding back on useful information because they ultimately know that their worthy contribution will be held up together with that sassy hekaya of how they dry fried the wife’s sister! and together it becomes part of the online persona.

Third someone may want to “start afresh” on the forum and for that, they may need to bury their ghost deep in the Indian ocean. Paranoid ones would not wish to be looking over their shoulders with clever cat digging up archives and shit like that. While I respect and understand that joining is voluntary some degree of control should be accorded to content originators, The current 30min window is just too small.

I further went to the xenforo forum and found this, even if it is an old article its relevant even as I post this!

Top reasons:-

  1. Google rankings:- The more users pull down their post so does the ad"cents" fly out of the window
  2. Members throwing a tantrum etc

What really shocked me is that if you pushed them to the wall and they decide to let you go they simply change your username to meffi2018 and keep your content while showing you the middle finger…to me that like someone putting their name on a thesis they did come up with!!! So to @admin @Mundu Mulosi @Purple @Deorro @Electronics4u even big companies like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter etc have revised their privacy policy so ktalk can do it ! for start you could increase the 30min window to 2hrs within which a poster can decide on the fate of their thread ! and allow talkers to download their ktalk data review them and decide on aspects to keep or not



Hapa unapigia mbuzi guitar.

About this does admin have the ability to know handles originating from the same address? Nadai kuhama hii handle.

Correct l

Ile thread yangu ya deleting conversations @admin and his mods gave it a wide berth. They aren’t interested in giving us control over our data.

Multihandlers admean huwajua wote. They have all your IPs for all your handles. They can actually block specific IP addresses if they wanted to lock out a Bingwa like character in all his 50 handles.