Underpants Wednesdays (Due to Public Demand)

Nasa demos will now be conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Starting from next week.


Nusu mkate loading…

Omar Hassan ndani. Ndaaaani!!!
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@Meria Mata, na watu wa Mombasa, kesho Mombasa yote inageuka kuwa Jubilee!


i have heard on the news the Kwale Business Community has resolved to back JP because “hii maandamano na machafuko” inaharibu biashara zao…


I have had enough of this bullcrap maandamano stuff. I am sure that if you pick one goon and ask him what he stands to benefit from this sh=t(apart from looting), nothing, totally nothing! nkt …

Odm old shit , if u can’t beat them mess them

kisumu homabay migori wale wako na biashara should start counting losses

That’s it, which is the Kenya I don’t want!

na bado watu wanalia Uhuru has raped the economy yet they are very ready to sabotage their local economies and livelihoods.You work for two days in a week and expect to be economically empowered??