Uncomfortable Truth

Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution- survival of the fittest. Darwinism 101.

I propose a new theory in light of the current global pandemic - survival of the richest. Capitalism 101.

I called someone in the counties today working in the biggest hospital there. They have only 1 ventilator - a critical piece of equipment for serious covid-19 cases. Safe to say if you (God forbid) contract the virus, and you need the ventilator, you will be gone in sixty seconds. In Italy, only patients under 60 are allowed to use the ventilator because they don’t have enough of them. You can be best assured that all ventilators here will be hogged by 80 year old billionaires until they draw their last breath on earth.

Hapo sawa…

Sijui kama umewahi ona mtu akiwekwa breathing tube?



Out of 1 billion Africans,only 50 deaths,we shall overcome corona unscathed

Video haiko.

Click ‘watch this video on youtube.’

I just saw this. Same case may happen locally. [ATTACH=full]293572[/ATTACH]


My brother its not about death numbers, its the effects of this virus.

Never in world history has a country of 1.3 Billion people be in total lockdown. India all population has been told to stay indoors completely for 21 days. That can not be quantified by death numbers. The effect is huge.

Modi said it correctly advanced countries are struggling not because they don’t have money, power its because corona is an invisible enemy.

Btw this supports the logic, the virus was manufactured. It’s so “100% destructive” yet so easy to the eye, doesn’t kill much.

Fear hii virusi