@uncle nyam and other fisis

Enlighten a brother here - ati when a chick gets fucked a lot her ass and breasts get wasted, ama ni mimi nilielewa vibaya.
Toeni maoni, and experiences too.

Umelewa vibaya. He was not referring to the chick but to the ferker aka @PepoPunda
and why the hell did you like @uncle nyam response anyway?? Washana na 3rd generation brews

I didnt like his comment, I just wondered what correlation there is between fucking a lot and haga/kifua kupotea

I’m more interested in that tako on your avatar. What’s the story…ummm…behind it?


Most a times there is a connection to both. When a chick fucks alot, chances ya ku get ball ni minimal. if that happens , the whore opts for an abortion and since ma hormones zilikua zime change including the mammary glands, aki flush Boobs zina kaa kama Socks zangu zikiwa kwa hang line in 1997 nikiwa Senior chief Koinange,
Ashande sana


is a fisi a male whore?

Yes it is very true and that is why I have never seen any lunje chick with a booty like mine!

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gachathi, kariuki, merie ama koinange??

New knowledge. Ala!

Really? And why lunje? Because there are many chicks from that part of the country that are also well endowed huku nyuma.

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Everyone knows that lunje chicks have the highest libido and an ideal dude is one that can screw at least twice everyday.

Hapo ume-exaggerate lakini ni sawa tu.

#nooty you were who back in paradise(klist)?

Ulielewa vibaya…hebu angalia kama mapoko wako flat

Ukitomba shoti nne daily kama @PepoPunda matako itakua flat kama ya mhindi wa mjengo

You can keep your body firm by exercising …sagging happens when you lett go