Unbiased Makufuli

Tanzanian authorities have seized more than 10,000 head of cattle that had strayed into the country from Uganda and Rwanda, a cabinet minister told Parliament on Monday.

The country’s minister for livestock and fisheries, Mr Luhaga Mpina, said the cattle would be auctioned in a similar manner as the ones recently seized on the Tanzania-Kenya border.

The minister made the remarks in Parliament when contributing to discussion on the national development plan for 2018/19. Some MPs had asked the minister what would be done with the stray animals.

The government recently auctioned 1,325 head of cattle owned by Kenyans after the animals strayed into the country.

Mr Mpina accused Ugandan and Rwandan pastoralists of violating Tanzanian law by driving their animals to graze beyond their borders.


Is he trying to save face from his goof or he is seriously contemplating creating enemnity with his EAC neighbours? At least this puts pressure off our foreign ministry in a way

You got to give it to them when it comes to consistency. They shaft friends and foes equally.

Wanajifanya super powers ati juu Kenya tumekuwa na tushida kidogo.

10,000, za M7 na Kagame. Let me use @jaymoh phrase, ‘Interesting times ahead’.
Mangufuli in ignorant of history.

I just like it how Jubilee Govt has ignored Mangufuli. Let’s wait and see, whst happens next

Magufuli trying to save face for shafting Kenya? You clearly don’t understand this guy. He just doesn’t give a ferk especially where Kenya is concerned. He’s just setting boundaries and I respect him for that. He’s my second most favorite president in Africa after Paul Kagame

That’s against the spirit of the EAC. We were even working towards a common currency. Sasa it’s back to square one

Haha…Tz showed EAC the middle finger when Noah was still in the ark. They are members of SADC which they feel is more beneficial to them so they don’t give a hoot about EAC. In fact they been working tirelessly to sabotage EAC.

thermal effidence ni muhimu… kwani zimewekwa kwa bahasha??

Last time i checked they’re still in the EAC. They have legislative representation and ministers. Unless we’re talking of a another TZ. Are you even aware that Magufuli is the current Chairman of the EAC??

Magfool has just garduated to a megafool, he is doing this just to show off. He feels he leads the most powerful country EA and the rest should bow down to him.

Vivyo hivyo Maghufuli. national sovereignty should be respected!

Actually magufuli handed the chairmanship back in may to museveni but he’s still in the EAC


He’s an idiot like babuon, you don’t go lighting fires everywhere and expect to keep friends.

Power has really gotten to his head. He is running around with a hammer and thinking everyone is a nail. That uncertainty is driving a wedge with many. He can’t be wrong, do wrong or be told anything. Stray cattle is something that has been handle well and silently by police commands on both sides since independence. Its never an international incident. Does megafools even have a cabinet? It seems he does everything singlehandedly.


Drought is no respector of national boundaries. Soon enough, it’ll be his people crossing over in search of pasture.

Still in EAC though, with representation in all the 7 organs of it. Sasa tuonyeshe when he showed middle finger

Boss, clearly reading between the lines is not one of your strengths. Read the article below then we’ll pick it from there.
[li]East Africa’s problems are deep-seated: They include a lack of fit between the interests of Kenya and Tanzania; inability to agree on shared values; and a mistaken expansion strategy that favours geographical breadth over institutional depth.[/li][li]The truth of the matter is that East Africa has a serious credibility problem. The Community’s image of itself is not matched by ability to live up to it.[/li][/ul]