Umuhimu ya comprehensive insurance

[ATTACH=full]273728[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]273729[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]273730[/ATTACH]My close buddy and fellow Alpha Male, die-hard MGTOW & AMG lifetime member just rolled in his Audi RS6 worth 6M hapo James Gichuru bypass. Apparently, he was the lucky receipient of a blowjob while steering this beauty cruising towards Nyari estate to my newly-acquired mansion for a few drinks. Luckily for him, i had advised him to insure his machine comprehensively ndio asiwahi rudi ocha even when the gods of bad luck strike.

All Alpha Males must enjoy the sheer pleasure of spinning rear-wheel propelled machines. I urge all AMG members to spin carefully this rainy season even when recieving blowjobs.

Kiongos, umesahau kuweka stock photo ya mansion yako.

Hio hapana, maumbwa kama akina @kimakia na vipii kama akina @Mundial na @digi might track me down

Hii rafiki yako ni jauri kabisa…yani double parking???

All AMG member have titanium balls, we park anyhow we want

Wenye tunaendesha TOY[SIZE=1]ota[/SIZE] jalopies with rear-wheel propulsion and low profile tyres tuketi wapi? And BTW rear-wheel propulsion sucks kwa matope.

Audi not AMG…! The word bonobo and alphamales are commonly used in these streets it’s becoming boring

I think he means Alpha Male Group in that context.

Mketi kwa ile bench imeandikwa “rivets’ na 'car identity mpaka kwa exhaust pipe”

Ushatoka Abu Dhabi Formula 1? Tuwekee mbisha


Buda tulia ata sijaosha koo…nimeingia nairobi jana usiku chief

That was fast. Hukubaki after party ya Usher na Trey Songz?

I had business to handle in NBO mister

Apparently, this car rolled at least 9 hours ago. Hiyo ni before lunch time. Your post at 7:56 PM with “just rolled”. Hizi picha have been doing rounds pale facebook for the better part of the day :D:D:D


Yes, he was coming over for a few drinks baada ya lunch

So alikula lunch saa tano :D:D … those exact photos have been doing rounds on FB since 12:54 PM. So umedownload tu picha pale facebook ukatunga hekaya :D:D:D

As in, lunch then drinks

Mbona wewe hushikwa kila time na picha za ku-download? :D:D. Stop pretending to be who you aren’t. Nobody really cares. Just be yourself.

This car overturned at 9am today.