Ultra Husiku phsakoh

Sept 19th. 1:20 AM

So what happened to you?
Insomnia ama ndio unategea kamlevi Uibe??
For me I messed up my sleeping pattern, nlichpilia Nescafe conc Sana
Usingisi hakuji buana:(:frowning:

What about the 9,999 others?
Mimi nimepata a late night project to work on na pesa siwezi achilia iende tu hivo. Hapa ni kahawa moto. It is times like this that you regret not having a girl sleep over juu anaweza nipea incentive ya kumaliza hii kazi…

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Mi pia been learning some new stuff, coded all day, Sahii Sina usingizi na akili isha enda sleep mode


Try and get some sleep.
This world belongs to insomniacs like me.:smiley:


Fuck kesho nanua vallium insomnia haitanusumbua now that am on leave

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wrong way bro. Dr @Luther12 .

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You’ll regret this. Nimeketi palee…>>>>>


@Luther12 I need some advice from you and gorra say don’t know how to start a new thread in my inbox else I would have asked you huko, I only ever reply. Remember I told you about this kid that I have been educating since Form 2 and then he proceeded to do nursing? now he is doing his finals next week. Thing is I have used my networks and found him a job but the job will be paying 1500 a day as an intern. He does not like it but I think it is great. I asked him ‘how many of your friends are going straight to a job next month?’ Besides he needs money to rent a house which I have to pay up. Is that too little or ni maringo?

@uwesmake come Bae and tell me how much is rent in Umoja1 for a new tenant ? I am meant to be putting in a deposit this Friday and give me a name of some Landlord.

Hiyo pesa iko sawa, kijana achukue kazi.