How did you find out about this site? Naona klist listers kama wote wako hapa!

I joined last year huko nov when admin advertised it in klist

mtu wetu wa gazeti Aurak sent me the link

Swali ni Klist ikirudi mtabaki hapa ama mtarudi kwa wanderi? me sijui

Na hii swali si mmeanza mapema.Si mngoje at least tukae 6 months.

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hapo umenena, this villiage is getting better by the day. wish crazy dude was here with his pics, and maybe the cord jubilee battles might just bring in more members

I would hate it if this place became contaminated with those stupid jub.vs.cord listings

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kila mtu na maoni yake but believe you me as long as kuna sisa hapa, hao jamaa wako njiani na utawaona hapa. lakini wacha tu. (okiyah is on the way)

i have been googling anything to do with Klist alafu some result said ati watu walihamia kenyatalk.com
That was last week and now my life is complete again.(sad but true)

by the way,how long do you have to be here before uache kuitwa new villager?

BTW guyz how do i post a listing …nimetafuta na sioni

Navigate to the appropriate forum where you want to add the thread/listing, on the top right is a button “post new thread” use that. Some concepts are a bit different from what existed on klist, e.g Thread = listing, threads are categorized according to forums, once you upload an image you must insert it inside the post as either the full image or a thumbnail by clicking the buttons next to the attached image.You’ll get used to it.

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@Chiefkiumbe I’ve also found out that i can also copy paste images instead of uploading, when creating a post with an image from another website just right click and copy, then paste it in the text section…you have to wait for it to upload completely before clicking the create thread button.It works on my laptop, but i’m not sure about mobile.

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Akina Grace Msalame, Spoon, Luther12, thirdman, hawajapatikana bado?

nugu ichi…

i think luther ako na emails za over 300 people wa klist… mtu amwambie atume invitations watu wakuje huku

Sijui, old monk tuambie

nilipata link kwa twitter

facebook too