Ulevi suckle

Inakunyakia wapi na unapewa gani?

Mi nko hapa
Kama kawa, Corona kwenye mix …


Makende ya Abdul wewe kush

Future and August Alsina had the most beautiful baby and he’s legal …

go ye forth and fap



Dots do not connect to kalewa sacco


this is a “suckle”, not a “sacco”

Sawa @kush yule mnono
Edit title iseme na usiku Sacco pia

leo ni bangi mingi…

Hio imekuwa tricky sana

[ATTACH=full]130177[/ATTACH] Niko hapa afco Nakuru Jameson na summits peke yake

Uwesmakei bonga poa nkurushie MoMo moja mfilipino



@Miss Finest Wine hizi customer week appreciation cocktails are many, acha tu. I’m drunk and its barely 2. At least we are in business this weekend.

Walevi wengine, tulewe kabisa.

@Touchlyrics hurumia mimi…haki umeona it is wise that you tag me to this alcohol thread while I am struggling to stay sober this Friday? Enda unisome at Meria’s night Sacco. I rarely drink on Fridays but si you should have felt sorry for me yawa as my bossom buddy and you know my mad life/schedule? ushindwe katika jina la Yesu, Mungu amekuona. Niko home drafting a huge document. Am I happy??..no not the case but charging for my hrs.

Haki enjoy on my ‘bahaf’ and wapi pikchas nikutumie something na zile paybill things na urudishe mkono kesho. Nitakua More Bar on Tooley Street SEI so send some money there for kesho. You have the money Birrionaire.

@Miss Finest Wine si u missed me mpaka ukaandika thread mzima kuuliza mahali nimepotea. Leo ni mimi. Grab those papers, zitaenda mbali sana believe me. All the best. Acha tulewe pombe za bure:D:D:D

I know tings are speeding up@Touchlyrics. You should see the smile on my face right now. Sasa lewa pole pole. Na utume pesa nikunywe kesho at the pub I have just mentioned above.

Waaah. I’m happy for you. @Luther12 hii ni PhD inakam. Bow down to huyu Mlevi.

@Touchlyrics…But where is Luther coming in? wee lewa pole pole:)hit me up in the morn. I need to go to bed shortly and then wake up at kendu 3 AM, read my draft in the dead of the night hit send button and I will be free.

I think it might be a great idea if I released some tadpoles into you.Seems like you are the screaming type when they are being delivered.

:D:D of course why be quiet when good tidings are coming my way, in me!!!..Yes you are raii. Great thought @Mathaais but tadpoles by a married man. Nope. I am set now.

Ka sweep nayo