Ulefone power 6 moto ya kuotea mbali

This phone has the greatest price to features ratio.
Key features
[li]Display: 6.3-inch Screen Size[/li][li]Memory: 64GB, 4GB RAM[/li][li]CPU: Octa-core 64-bit 2.3GHz[/li][li]Camera: 16 MP + 2 MP Rear, 16MP Front[/li][li]6350mAh Li-Polymer Battery[/li][li][ATTACH=full]249666[/ATTACH][/li][/ul]

Moto ya kuotea mbali, means its bad news… Yet you actually mean its lit… Eeh! Design wise these new phones have the same outward features,… Especially that thing ontop of the screen. I seen it with , oppo, samsung…


A phone with a screen of 6.3" huwa mnabeba na mfuko gani? My size is 4.5 ikizidi.

You know what, I was bout to shit on it for no other reason than being a no name phone from a vague manufacturer, but it’s okay I guess.

It has a Mediatek P35. That SOC goes to toes with a SP 625 and barely wins. It looses to the Sp630. The only lacking capacity is its PowerVr GPU.

Naona pia iko na Android 9 pie. Not bad at all. Near stock android too.

The only thing I would change on it is

  1. Size. I need a smaller one. 5’5 or 5’7 hapo.
  2. Battery. That 6000mah battery is huge. It makes the phone bulky. 202g. Shave it to 4500mah and it will be slighlty bulky.
  3. Software update. If they provided a single major OS update. To android Q. Just that.

Otherwise, it’s perfect for me.
A good screen
More than 2gb ram
More than 4000mah
Near stock android
A passable SOC processor.

You guys will have to do some digging about some brands. Leagoo and ulefone, you don’t buy these , even for your housemaid. Ulefone can die on you when you are in the middle of a call. Just like that. But perhaps their touch screen is the worst of issues. Hapa heri mtu aridhike na Infinix tu kwa roho safi. At least infinix wako na care centers around the place.


wewe kimbia uchukue loan ya wamama na vijana , employ a few first class degree actuarial scientists and develop your own phone utuletee , noogle !

Aki mtu ajitolee aninunulie hii phone

patia @uwesmake coomer kwanza. Akipata hakuna coomer upatie @Kimakia asughulikie any other hole atapata. Mimi I’ll buy the phone afterwards

Misogyny uwache please…thats why i put a thread here juzi demanding this site to be flagged by authorities for being antiwoman and woman shaming/sexual harassment

There is a reason why phone manufacturers don’t give phones for free. Everyone has a condition. Pia mimi niko na yangu. Kama hutaki my terms sema tu we negotiate. For example, unaeza chagua talker mwingine akukamue. Lakini si uanze kusema Misogyny na what-not.

@M2Condom unasumbua msee…

Tell her to take your words seriously,thanks for recommending me

By moto ya kuotea mbali you mean the battery capacity au

[quote=“Soprano, post:7, topic:197019”]

My friends have that phone and its working like a charm[/QUOTE]