Ukweli usemwe

I think kenyan media content suck big time. Everything Kenyans engage in is bogus from music to stupid tv shows, they all suck. What do you think?

love your country

Who watches tv?

Who has the time go sit down for akina Churchill and his ilk, when you have games you can play and a jobless to Crack you up and get the lowdown of what happening

I aint got time for local crap…

Its useless but you cant help but take a peek because it happens near you. And its motion picture you know, close to reality. Like, Breaking news: some politician has been shot dead right now(live video on some TV). You are bound to watch and get concerned and hear what other big people and prominent personalities have to say. After all, you drive in the same city or similar cities na you cant help imagining your troublesome wife or some person mko na kesi naye hiring such a lethal assassin or some random petty jangili shooting you to steal your ride. you have to take a peek… the option is one…its not a choice.