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Bana wewe ni mjinga kupita kiasi. I was there in kondele that day when armed gsu shot that innocent boy in broad daylight. the cop then proceeded to slit his throat to remove the bullet. , you should go to the ground more often and witness the events yourself instead of sitting behind your phone, busy spinning chieth theories which are part of your paranoid imaginations…
in fact wewe ni meffi and please respect the departed ones… umekaa kiambu Sana hadi you dont realise that in this same country, kuna watu hukua treated less than human beings in times like this. people who have no rights whatsoever, where burying sons killed by police is just a normal occurrence.
so please go to the ground where the action is because as you claim the gsu are your friends and witness firsthand how they handle things i bet you wouldn’t open that mouth of yours and spin this nonsense from your cocoon in thika kiambu or whatever hole you live in.
p. s don’t ask what i was doing there… i travel alot…meffi

how do we know you were there, uko na video? so we are just suppose to believe you just like that? I have a hunch you are the one spinning this story!

Coincidentally you happened to be there at the right time just like the departing souls in Kenya have to call jakuon before their celestial sojourn.Why didn’t you riot the more when you witnessed these atrocities being visited upon your kinsmen?

I dont support killing of demonstrators even looters for that matter.
But this bs of police then slit his throat to retrive the bullet stop, where in the neck can a bullet get stuck??
Umebakisha kusema hata mlikuwa naye akienda kununua icecream as naswarites have been spinning it.

was at lake breeze hotel shughuli flani from the balcony, you could clearly see what was happening hapo chini. we were in the midst of tear gas, gunshots and running to the top most floor when it occurred. the entire hotel was tear gassed, shops broken into by the rogue police, and bananas torched by them happened in a flash but i don’t think you can understand as you think it was a like one of your relaxed cheki maneno selfie moments. i took the pic of the slain boy afterwards but deleted it out of disgust… anyway, believe whatever you want to believe

sawa… the bullet hit him from the back mpaka kwa jawline … and who said that he retrieved the bullet? it was an act of precaution…
you guys enjoy it for now, one day the foot will be on the other shoe

You must be demented if you believe that people who dont agree with you politically enjoy when people are killed

Seems the armed GSU gunman was not only dreadlocked but also a surgeon. Interesting.

on what tehy post here, some seem to enjoy or are not concerned or just dont know whats really going on due to their ignorance

You could have been there, that could’ve been any one dressed like a Cop took the bullet so they couldn’t cross check and discover it was not from a govt issued fire arm. This can be spun very many ways…

yes, but explain to me dear how a thug can mingle with cops on the ground gsu, and do such an act infront of the others? haikua usiku, broad daylight murder… wacheni kunichekesha

Uncle nyap, pengine tuseme “one day the shoe will be on the other foot”

someone should seriously think of installing CCTV cameras in the hotspots ndio mtajionea maajabu

if kina waiganjo pretended for a while… How much More a gsu officer? Who was probably ferried there from his actual base Its not like they all know each other

Same as i saw some nutheads here celebrating the death of "jubilee bloggers’ in saturdays copter crash in nakuru. Actually anyone who celebrates such doesnt deserve to be alive either

Hundreds of kikuyu youth were killed when Michuki cracked down on mungich, you don’t see us bitching all over the Internet about it. Accept and move on.

[ATTACH=full]134366[/ATTACH] Meanwhile, siasa mbaya, maisha mbaya.

fuck you man ! whose bitching? i stayed silent with this story up till now when i saw the post by @Ukweli Mtupu claiming it was NASA guys who killed that form four boy demonstrating. and unlike your murderous kinsmen who enjoyed beheading their own over 50 Bob daily collection, this was a form four boy demonstrating and running away from bullets. you can’t compare the two. but i don’t expect you to understand Mr. @beastial to the core

:eek::eek::eek::frowning: Fuck maze…

Whatever the case, if you were silent when police were murdering youth during Michuki’s time then you should be okay with this too. Ama namna gani uncle nyamba?