Ukunguru imezidi Kenya


80% of that 16% are Kikuyu single mothers. FACTS!

Wah It’s high time these strong virile luhya men stop pumping and dumping kina shiko:D:D:D

In the U.S. its an unmitigated disaster. That’s like a quarter and I highly suspect it could be a lot more.

Provide tangible facts and not stupid yapping

Chief ni ukweli, nowadys manyvCentral women are raising kids from Western

Facts pulled right out your posterior - now go and wash them off

kenyans hawana culture na hawana values. hakuna kitu mbaya ama mzuri kwao. hakuna kitu hawawezi fanya

For every five single mothers I come across, four are Kikuyus. It can’t be a series of coincidences.

Copying USA and Russia lifestyle


where did our traditional culture and values go to?

Countries like China are now laughing at others for mocking their strict enforced social rules

Ukunguru na ufisadi zitaedelea kuzidi kenya

Would a person who lives in kakamega or Kisumu say the same.If you live in Githurai which is in Kiambu then Im even surprised its not 5 out of 5

Somehow you have a valid point!

Kuna successful family in githurai kweli?

Na mostly US inahappen among blacks sana sana. It seems Whites huko have their shit together.

Mgtow= Freedom… Feminism itamaliza hawa madem…mhahahaha!!!

China is not a perfect society, the men find it hard to get spouses.