Ukitaka Kujua Mwaanaume Anakapitia

Ukionaa dume inaajikalishaa peke ale masaa mbili tatu imenyaamaazaa tu hivo. Ujue inakapitia sio jokes. This is the loudest cry for help I’ve ever seen from a man

Nirvana! If you have to ask, you dont need to know

Mpee coomer , since clearly wewe ni mmama

Sh1tty gazebo

So the cameraperson just coincidentally took photos of him while he was “quietly reading and thinking?” Ni kama wale washienzi hujirecord wakilia alafu wana upload kwa social media.

And what’s wrong with having time to yourself to read and think?

@Micymas your a dead dogs mafwi in my eyes


It’s called PEDD (Post Election Defeat Depression)

Walai @Micymas na iyo Wambugu yako mnafaa mpelekwe kwa orgy ya ma geys mt*mbwe

Hiyo pose na bakora :smiley:

Kumbe pia wewe umeona. Kenyan made.and owned gazebos and patios are an eyesore and a travesty. This is what I am going for at the bare minimum

thr guy now has too much time hajui afanye nini.

and what is it with the double vowels?

I have a written stutter sometimes, especially when I’m groggy in the morning. Is that an issue?

No. Enda utoe lock

Ingia online and order one from Costco. Pre-made, you just assemble it.[ATTACH=full]470486[/ATTACH]

unajua exchange rate ni 120… alafu import taxes ya large objects:D:D:Dusishtuke ikifaka bei ya gari

You are allowed kiongos. Pesa iko skwa wingi, sisi ma hustler huku hiyo 4hrs unasoma sisi tunaiona kama biashara huku nje.

I’m bringing tha fact that, we ought to pull our socks up, it’s a matter of copy and paste, and we end up with neat products.

ikea was not built in a day. bonobos lack the skills, temperament, tenacity, and intelligence needed to make such as copy and paste gazebo