Ukichengwa Tulia

KIPSIGIS ELDERS say they support decision by Governor Joyce Laboso family to bury her at her matrimonial home in Koru, Kisumu County.
The Late Hon. Dr. Joyce Laboso’s Funeral Itinerary:
THUR, 1st of Aug 2019 service at the All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi.
FRI, 2nd Aug: Bomet Green Stadium Public Service.
SAT, 3rd Aug : BURIAL IN KORU, KISUMU COUNTY. (Funeral service at St Augustine,Kandege Sec. )
Meanwhile huko kwa Ken Okoth naona kakinuka, paternal family wanasema they not involved in burial preparations na mara tumeskia eti he is going to be cremated.

Hawa KIPSIGIS ELDERS thought they had more say than the alpha male alikua anapewa slices every night. :D:D:D sometimes tradition is Chieth

Ken Okoth’s mother Angeline Ajwang has just said: “My son never sired any child as far as I am concerned. I know some gold diggers will come around claiming that they have a child with him! Dare not.”

isn’t his wife pregnant or what did i see kwa “gassett”?

:D:Dhuyo mama amesoma threads kadhaa hapa KTALK:D:D:D:D

There must be alot at stake here for this mum.
Where I come from, no mother would be proud to utter those words about her 41 year old son. Dead or alive. Ni aibu.
Ama wamama ya town wako namna hii?

Let those mourners have peace !

That is very irresponsible and ill mannered. Alikuwa kila mahali son wake akitombana?

Muslims would have done the burial zamani, pale kibra, langata, kariokor.
You can die anywhere, waisilamu will clean you, pray for you and bury you… Heck they’ll get your body out of hospital quick, settle bills and all…
Guys start writing your wills and warming your families to your requirements since your cultures and religion choices aren’t consistent when it comes to burying the dead.

cremation is the way to go . when cremated there will be nobody to fight over a body or shrine, just ashes that will be spread on the sea .

she knows the millions in parliamentary insurance (10m or 20m there) will fall to the wife so she’s looking for an in.

islam has the best culture or practice i say. Burial yenu is very cheap and organised

on the outside thts how it looks. kwa roho wao huumia sana. you can’t get closure knowing a loved one died 1000km from home and was buried there, i have read muslim literature and women aren’t allowed to grief in public. those tears are forbidden. not good for the soul.
Excessive or demonstrative mourning is forbidden, and condolences are brief. Guests generally leave after speaking briefly to the family.

From outside in that’s how a non Muslim will view the whole situation.
Some points to correct, women are allowed to grieve but can’t go to the graveyard for the burial.
Excessive screaming and all the shinanigans people pull at burials are forbiden. Yes because it’s a part of belief that life and everything belongs to God, he gives to whom he wills and takes when he wills.
So having faith and believing in God’s decree is the reason we don’t go to extremes. ( hence the explanations, those so called islamists, terrorists, extremists… Are all doing things to suite themselves, nothing Islamic about what they do)

But still people will fight over your property, because we are pushed to understand, where a person is buried kind of plays a role in the argument regarding dividing his wealth.
Still Islam holds the best solution to this as there are laws on how to divide wealth after someone passes on.

we are not fake arabs.


Because of the reasons I gave you, excessive mourning.

See you never accept when something positive is said, so you chose to go around the issue and start with the fake Arab thing. Islam isn’t an Arab religion, it was sent to all mankind unlike all other religions.

We refuse to ape arabs or pretend to be them. You are the kind that want to tell us that no vehicle carrying one person should exceed 300cc because it is the mis economical and because some arab or some other lighter skinned person does it. Uongo. we refuse to be arabs or indians. siku gani wao wamekuja huku waanza kuonge a kikuyu, kikalenjin, kijaluo etc eti ni mungu wanatafuta. Respect yourselves Africans. You should be ashamed of yourself abandoning your god for an arab one.