Ukabila ni Kufunzwa shuleni wewe ni Bantu, Cushite ama Nilote

Nimekuwa nikishindwa kanini tulifunzwa hii nonsense ya mabantu, manilote na macushite shuleni coz when I interact with fellow Africans from other countries hawajui hii maneno. Kumbe ndio maana Kenya kuna ukabila hivyo. Somalia pia kuna tribalism mob coz ya hii ujinga ya bantu nilote na cushite. By the way, hawa Somali bantus ndio akina nani?

Whats wrong about learning your history? I dont remember tukifundishwa that you should go and insult people from other tribes or kill them. Hao cushitic bantus ni Iraqw and Sandawe

Ukabila haitawai kwisha. But for those of us who are half-bloods we just look on as the pure-bloods bite each other’s ass.

Nothing wrong with that, knowing history and classification of languages does not make you a tribalist.

Hitler hated Jews na wengine kama wewe with passion. And I don’t think he schooled in Kenya


Exactly! Ukabila is here to stay.

Ujinga ni kukubali hiyo tag ya Bantu/Nilote/Cushite ikudefine na udefine watu wengine nayo.

The day is still young. But yours is the shallowest argument I have heard all day.
So you are saying that it is male chauvinism to be told or taught that you are a boy or it is diabolical feminism to be told that you are a girl?

The Somali Bantu (also called Jareer, Gosha, Mushunguli) are an ethnic minority group in Somalia who primarily reside in the southern part of the country, near the Juba and Shabelle rivers. Soomalis claim that they are descendants of African sales captured by arabs and “dumped” in Somalia. Link ndio hii: I think it is a lie. Somalis would never concede that there were people living in “Somalia” before Somalia even happened.

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What if you were told that you have no origin? That you are the first of your kind. Would you be happier?

Are you first of your kind @milvoski ?

Good question. Allow me not to respond to it.



Not all East African Slaves were taken to Arabia or India. Thousands mainly from Tanzania and Mozambique landed on the shores of Somalia and slaved in the banana and rice plantations or as house slaves as is the case of this Bantu lady slave working at a merchant home in Mogadishu city state. Today their descendants are known as Somali bantus comprising app. 1 million mainly farmers and laborers and some have maintained the Zigua language and culture of Tanzania and Malawi

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Ooh… Kwa hivo we we ni half jadhe?

On the one hand you disparage the Nilote/Cushite/Bantu knowledge and on the other you seek to know who the Somali bantus are. Inconsistent?:confused::confused:

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Sasa wacha kushindwa, and if you interested in knowing who Somali bantu’s are…GOOGLE is your friend son…tukifunzwa ya somali bantu’s nlikuwa home suspension…

Is that why in the movie Blackhaak down the cast has very few ‘walalos’ so to speak? I thought Somalia is full of walalos only


Why is that bantus is the only negroid group which suffered the most because of slavery? Is it because they were mainly farmers, therefor they had no expirience in war and cattle raids or because they had Strong physique therefore they could provide good labour? Methinks they were dumber than dumb.

HII CLASSIFICATION YA BANTU, CUSHITE NA NILOTE ILILETWA NA NANI??? NO BE WHITE MAN??? AMA MNATAKA KUSEMA AFRICANS NDIO WALILETA HIO EDUCATION??? Omondi, Kamau na Abdi wote wakisimama mbele ya zile races zingine atakwambia wote ni Africans na wote ni Blacks sisi wenyewe tu ndio hujibagua