I was in the UK the whole of last month. Teaching Swahili in a school called The Weald school at Billingshurst. Kwani WaAfrika wote hufanya Kazi kwa railway stations huko?


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Matawi yameanza kukauka.

:D:D:D@Web Dev stop derailing the post:D:D

some posts deserve derailing, naturally, kabisaaaa…



Gashwin…Stop derailing my post. I observed that and all they do is odd jobs there then when they comes here hawashikiki!


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Hapa evidence inahitajika ata kama ni picha ya train ama railway tracks za huko UK.

ile game ya 10pm ni saa ngapi…

Haya basi ndio hio Mbisha…Nilipiga from the London eye.[ATTACH=full]6202[/ATTACH]

my, friend, @Elgin , if ALL Africans in the UK worked in the railways sijui train zingepitia wapi…

Kwanza pitia kwa @Njamba Huthu akufundishe kuattach mbisha vizuri


Haya @Njamba Huthu…nataka kuattach ya railway tracks as asked. Nifunze.


let me ask @Sheila and @missdee and @Shyvonne to confirm this story

huyu ni damsel, njamba huthu wouldnt know where to start

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Njoo hapa Huruma… niko hapa John saga… niko na tools zote zakukufunza…how to attach a picture…

Mimi sifanyagi kazi kwa Railway station and the last time i filled a form i ticked on Black African?!
Billinghurst? where is that anyway? If you stayed long enough in the UK you would know better than to describe a place without mentioning a postcode or the major town or county that the place is in juu i can think of a few Billinghursts and they could be anywhere in the UK.
Anyhow,if all the Africans in the Burlinghurst you were in work at the railway station,that doesn`t apply to all Africans in the UK so i suggest you keep teaching your Swahili and mind your own business…! That is what alot Africans in the UK do!


Ndugu yangu @Ka-Buda why is this mujamaa catching you feelings like this ??

I represent all the Kenyans who have the balls to live and try to make a living in the UK and i know what they have to deal with everyday and i am not about to let someone try and put them down no matter what. Most Kenyans in the UK,unlike America are not from priviledged backgrounds,they went there when there was an opportunity to do so.But they are all very determined and hardworking people who have done alot to influence the Economic prosperity that Kenya now enjoys. I will be damned if somebody will fly in on a limited visa in the name of “exchange teacher” and try to judge alot of people who have been working hard to make a living for the last 20 years.