UK pensioner Karl Andree faces 360 lashes over Saudi wine

A UK pensioner caught with homemade wine in
Saudi Arabia could receive 360 lashes - a
punishment his family say would kill him. Karl Andree, 74, has already spent more than a
year in prison since being arrested by Saudi
religious police. His daughter Kirsten Piroth told the BBC her father

  • who has suffered from three types of cancer -
    “would not survive” the punishment lashes. The Foreign Office said it was “seeking his
    release as soon as possible”. Alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia, and Mrs Piroth
    said her father was transporting homemade
    wine in his car in August 2014 when he was
    pulled over and arrested.

Saudi Arabia is involved in the UN’s human rights commision. Mafuta ni pesa na pesa ni kila kitu.

They should tie a Chelsea fan to his back…


Si angekaa tu kwao. Why would anyone want to live in KSA unless for money?

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Si wanipatie tender ya ku supply viboko za bamboo

:smiley: Uchokozi jo

waah sijui kama naweza survive Saudi Arabia,

No Alcohol only countless cups of coffee

No sex

then time ya ramadhan haufai kukula in public, you will be temptimg the guys wenye wamefunga, unakula discretly.

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Smoking, miraa, kuber, bhang, I believe are all legit.

wanipee kazi ya kumtandika

Shikwa na miraa na bhangi uone vile utacharazwa viboko. But Hash na veve hupatikana though it’s expensive,woe onto you ukishikwa.Wacha achapwe viboko.

Maybe in Yemen or Pakistan.


Thats one fucked up country, while their ruler Sheiks travel to foreign countries in private jets and yatchs for gambling and sex orgies.

That sharia is only applied to the poor. Watu wa royal family in KSA love to ball.