UK goods get 25-year tax free entry

Kenya’s trade pact with UK will allow British firms to ship in goods duty-free for a period of 25 years.
The post-Brexit trade deal with the Britain will, however, open the window for UK companies to flood the local market with finished and unfinished goods, excluding agricultural and industrial products, when the seven-year moratorium expires.

lakini huku KRA inatafuta hadi mapoko !

So nikibuy vitu Amazon UK zinapita nywee ama?

Are we getting the same benefits in UK?

Now they can be as quiet as babies being breast fed when democracy is being raped

Kenyan exporters of flowers and other fresh vegetables will continue accessing the UK market under a duty free, quota-free arrangement,

They know the balance of trade is in their favour. Ati flowers and vegetables!

What else can we export ?

Ongeza mtumba hapo.

The bog irony here is, most products will be made in China.
Why exclude the Industrial products

Colonialism all over again. Kuchunishwa sukuma bila lube. Wtf did they do for us to deserve such a free pass?

BJ50 export zianze basi , although we might have a slight challenge with the Ncap ratings


too much fuss yet we’re a net importer, lets continue voting on leaders who can’t legislate on behalf of their voters. since 2019 the country has been on full campaign mode, no legislation has been passed that benefit the common man. Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya.
no mp has bothered to educate their constituent on the benefits of such trade agreement, sahi those in mkenya region should have been telling guys to do serious farming to benefit on those vegetables ,since we can only export vegetables., same na ile ya agoa, kitui textile ile ya kitui county hope they’ll benefit

The more I see this things the more uglier they look. But I wont buying, provided they smoothen the edges

What does this do to acfta?

Umepiga tackle kali sana!!:D:D:D

Tuulize trade in na jaguar:D:D:D

Mtu akipata hio pact please share so that tuichambue. However just analysing what was written kwa gazeti I think this thing might be more beneficial to Kenya if we decide to exploit it.
Traditionally products from UK are expensive as compared to products from China. This means that ata waki flood vitu huku there are always going to be cheaper options. Also if Kenya we were to improve our manufucturing within the next decade then we just need to manufucture cheap and we have a chance to sell to UK
Kenya mainly exports agriculture products. The pact gives Kenya an assured market for its products in the UK for the next 25 years.

If Kenya gets its local manufacturing right and actualizes its plans of becoming a regional economic hub then utapata UK companies opting to establish their industries in Kenya

Anyway let me look for the document niwasomee. Meanwhile tuache these inferiority complexies and pessimism that we are going to lose and that UK are going to gain.

NB: We export more to UK than we import from them. Ukiongeza aid utaona we actually benefit more from UK than they benefit from us.