ujinga ni...trying to steal when you are not a thief

wonderful wondering wonder is just another ordinary young man,driving a voxy to work,but one notable thing is that he is a family guy,whether here or in klist,am known to be “well behaved” i have never posted any pornography material or commented on such issues,i respect myself,my kamwisugha, and my only son…in simple words i lead with example i rarely flatter with ladies,and for sure m.w.k is unheard off in my life,
The story,started last week on Tuesday,i left home at 9am coz the previous night i had worked up to 8pm doing some handover,just at donholm round about,i got a call from my boss,so i parked at donholm stage,honestly i thought there was a meeting,the stage was at capacity,immediately after parking,a dude come to my window,and asked me “how much”,i said a no,but by then there were people waiting for my word,…i just said those who can fit can get in,each person was to pay 50bob to town that would be 300-400…ok…that’s enough for today’s parking,i gave the dude 30bob and off we went,
next to me ,sat a pretty gal,wearing a “inappropriate skirt”,we engaged in small talks,from why a pretty lady is walking,to why there were no matts,i learned she is at pride center,by the time we got in town…heeeeeeeeeeeee muthee alikuwa na namba mbili safcom na airtel,nowadays calls and sms is old age …whataspp…last friday my kamwisugha alikuwa home for a leave,wonder na technology zangu,i connected my phone’s whatsapp with my bedroom pc,since time memorial,i dont put phone lock coz am sure i dont hide a thing,my kamwisugha has right to acess my fon for whatever reasons including snooping,so,for whatever the reason,she was on my whatsapp while i was busy talking to my “pride queen” honestly,i had not noted,but imagine that lady had the guts to contribute to our “conversation”…we took our conversation,to a higher ground…coffee…we,we,we,…nikifika home,she is usually petite…alikuwa ameongeza kama 30kgs…i was given that eye of “sema ngw’e” …sasa mimi wonder na ni wanyeri…am vunarable to women beating…when i insist on why she angry…instead of answer…nilifunguliwa comp…i was embarrassed beyond words…am not a womanizer,and i wont try being one,am a youth pastor …momo na sabina joy naachia akina uwesmake,highschooler and their moderator.

 yours wonderful wondering wonder

wapi hujaelewa mzee?

Oooookay… So you are guilty of a crime you haven’t comitted? Now you see? Kama unemkula ungeweka mbisha hapa
Alafu boss type slowly

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Usijali shit happens

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@karema hyena…typing is better i wish ucan see my handwriting…i


Hii story ni ndefu sana bila illustration, hata story kwa gazeti huwa inawekwa atleast picha moja

wapi picha ya inappropriate skirt?

unaulizia mambo ya krost?!?!

haki klist was a sure home…i miss it…hii ni kama idp camp

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Nice stori, now go back and bring a photo of your mwk and wife.

Ukweli usemwe, hii ni kama IDP camp= sielewi form ya hapa ni gani…

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nikitaka kukuwa moderator, how much should i part with and who should i pay…?