Ujaluo utaua watu

Hahaha!! Come rain, come sunshine, the Range Rover must get to Rusinga Island




hahaha…:smiley: It can work if the three boats are tied together so as to move at the same speed…o_Oon second thought i think hapa ni mbotoshop

i think this is nigeria… Rusinga have a Ferry

haha wamesahau kwenye mafuta itakua ikitoka…

haha, si angekuja na boat yake

Reminds me of



I’d like to go on a trip with these guys as long as they dont hang my sleeping bag on a crane


aaahhh, this Uganda special was great. still have the 2 episodes tucked away in a hdd. viva Top Gear!

hahaa. it was James in that Burma special right? these guys have the best job in the world

Yap!! Those guys always make my day. I’m waiting to see if the Patagonia special is better than the East Africa special

each special is ‘special’ in its own way…i have to admit i loved the east african one due to Hammond’s subarooo. patagonia one is also awesome with a surprise at the end…