Uhurus' votes more than voter turnout

… Chebukati declares !

This is a very nice read to both Teams Rwnbp and Uotp
#WisdomKE via Tony Kimani

I am proud that I am alive today, to bear witness to one of the most defining moments of our history.

I write this piece a day after the fresh presidential election was conducted and as we speak, the “numbers, data or statistics” with regard to the outcome of the election are still streaming in. UK was of course competing against himself but typical of the status quo’s penchant for illegalities/irregularities , the numbers are mind boggling.

Yesterday, the Chairman of IEBC had stated publicly that the maximum number of voters stood at 6.5 million. UK is likely to hit 12 million if the machine is not unplugged by 9 am tomorrow morning (hilarious). Anyone who still thinks that those are genuine numbers and hence votes, is either a bourgeoisie, an ignorant proletariat, an emotionally mollycoddled voter or a citizen in dire need of psychological adjustment.

Well, they are at liberty to believe but that’s taking incredulity a bit too far. In Kenya’s body-politic, these are the majority who make the rule, not the exception. We saw the outcome yesterday, thanks to the media, which would rather make one livid considering that the figures being displayed portray quite a different picture.

But that isn’t the subject of concern.

For without a doubt, Muthamaki will be coronated and allowed to continue controlling the realms of power. That’s a given. My concern is for those running to the Courts to nullify this charade.

Ever since Mwilu’s bodyguard was shot at, the dynamics of the game changed big time.That assignment was a master stroke. Straight out of a Bolshevik script.

And it sent a subtle message, yet one pregnant with meaning. The following day, we witnessed a lack of quorum in the highest Court of the Land. That was not a coincidence. It was a plan cleverly and swiftly executed. We saw David Maraga on that day, sounding weak and completely out of control with the situation. He shifted uneasily on his seat and sounded defeated.

On September 1, Maraga together with his 3 disciples, had gone against the grain and nullified the Presidential Election of August 8th but what followed was out of this world. Financial cuts, outright denigration and behind the scenes intimidation.

All these the Judges went through but in public, they maintained a straight face. Until they threatened to step on the feet of impunity, again. The danger of stopping the October 26th election. Somebody had to die in order to send that message.

I can bet that any petition that falls on SCOK’s desk from now henceforth and which might involve the Executive, upsetting the apple’s cart, will be handled with lots of trepidation. Ours is a system run by the upper middle class and nobody fears death more than a middle-class corporate with a bright future.

No petition will ever have the ground-breaking valor the nullification received.

In any case, the Elections Amendment Act 2017 is already in effect thereby muzzling the powers of SCOK with regards to nullification of the Presidential Election Petition.

So Omtata will not have a field day anymore. That path has been rendered decrepit. That road has hit a dead end. A cul-de-sac. The President is entirely in control now. The “Benevolent Dictator” is now in charge.

Raila Odinga understands the intricacies of Govt more than anyone else. He knows that the Jubilee duo cannot be restrained or deterred by any law in and by itself. He knows pretty well that the two chaps have been hardened beyond repair by the chain of iniquities they left behind since the days of Ocampo.

They are not scared by the sight of blood. They have been through hell and back. And are capable of doing anything to retain power. The God-thing, “hallelujah, oh God is great, lets love one another” yaddah yaddah, is just but a smoke screen.

He knows that the only language they understand is the language that will shake the nucleus of State power. And that language has never been derived from the constitution. Never.

That lingo is one that walks with gusto and drinks scotch on the rocks. Carries a mahogany cane and wears a bailey hat. Its extra-judicial in all its form. It’s called civil unrest. Civil disobedience.

An agitated population will bring down even the strongest of societies. A refractory mass is what has caused revolutions throughout Europe and even in Africa starting from the days of colonialism to date.

The absconding of the vote yesterday touched the nerve center of State Power. For it was unexpected, and seemed to serve Raila’s purpose.

This is the path we will live with for some time. Forget the Courts. The battle has moved to the open fields now.

Where men wear no gloves.

Is it just too painful for Nasa to understand there is no ‘agitated society’. It’s a figment of their imagination. There are no open fields to fight from and the 27%voter turnout exists only on their servers.
Does it not bother raila that the people who have been shot either in Nairobi and Nyanza are only Luos.
No other tribe is taking part in violent protest.

Ni ati hamuelewi meaning ya estimate ama you just don’t know what it means?
Even so…he estimated 48% turn out…48% of 19.6M registered voters is 9.4M…please, wacheni kujiabisha. If your boss sees this and you’re the accountant, si you’ll be fired?

You couldn’t even go to YouTube and check the video, kama bundles ni kidogo, go to his/IEBC page on Twirra. Let me pull it up for you…


What is the meaning of the word estimate?

Govt should set aside more funds for disabled people. We are seeing a high number of dyslexic people, sadly they’re in their adulthood and haven’t gotten proper therapy, flipping/reversing numbers and words. It’s so severe, even numbers tha don’t look alike are being confused- 48, becoming 30, 33 and 38. It’s causing a national headache but we bear with them. It’s not their fault.

Huu ni upus na uchochezi pure. Political analysis has now become common place, where you only need a mouth to have an opinion. They have actually turned into prophets to continually predict future events in accordance to what we all can see. How many are writing to declare that with the swiftness with which the authorities are responding to regrettable events is impeccable and that we shall enjoy peace in the days after? All we see are typings of people spelling doom for their own country. I feel ashamed to be called a fellow citizen to individuals who value not patriotism. This is outright non sense. Upuzi.

What is the hullabaloo all about? What is 48% of 19M?

Yyyyeeess, Shipoto


This fellow always amuses me though I don’t understand what he is saying half of the time!:slight_smile:

It’s the baba alisema battalion. If jakuon says the rain on 26th was not genuine then ouru must have stuffed the clouds with salty water.


Oooh. Very sad indeed. Anyway they said they didn’t need to even read the constitution as long as he read it for them!:smiley:

The statistics have dissappeared from all TV stations. Is it a directive by IEBC or what?

I tried to explain this to an admin who was trying to spin the same story but with much less English. An estimate in statistics can be simulated using previous data with a certain margin of error.

It is sad that you will wait for Raila an engineer ( BSc Welding ) or Makau Mutua and Orengo who are lawyers or David Ndii an economist to explain to you statistics, a field none of them have a basic grasp on.

It’s like asking for medical help on ktalk and you know the only doctor here is Luther. Although there’s more of them here.

The only person we can rely on here to demistify this demon-math is either the stats claimants @uwesmake and @King popeye the only true mad men.

mumeiba kura jinga nyinyi

munaiba kura mkijiongezea

River road photocopied papers

Was this electoral system too complex for our own good?

Why can’t NASA just lick their wounded arseholes pole pole.

This time nani ameimbiwa?