Uhuru's stupid Stunts; Why Does the President Crave 'Love' This Badly?

As you all know, I am fully jubilated. However, unlike the dim-eyed orangutans that worship the pathetic old man from Bondo, I will ALWAYS criticise the stupid stunts pulled by my leaders.

They are not gods.

Today, I will not even talk about the purported ‘free secondary school education’ that Uhuru wants to roll out (if one kid costs Sh60,000 per year on average this will require Sh60 billion, yet the gavament can’t now service its debt! And remember Kenya has one of the highest birth-rates in the world, and countries such as the US with bigger economies and lower birth-rates CAN’T AFFORD THAT SHIT).

Remember when Uhuru, in a bid to seek love from the matatu industry, in one day undid what the late Michuki had accomplished in two years? Apparently nigga doesn’t know about the broken window theory, that if you allow one small infraction - marangi mingi mingi pimping - others follow? Now, no matatu has a speed gavana, garbage bin, seat belts, muffler etc etc.

How many people have died because of that stupid, retarded stunt?

Thanks Mr President.

But let me come to my present beef.

On inauguration day, I listened with total disbelief and bewilderment to the president saying that he had removed all pre-flight visa requirements and screening for ALL Africans. All that a Nigerian or Cameroonian will now require to get into Kenya is his passport and a flight ticket to Nairobi. Visa anapewa JKIA anaingia.

For East Africans, all that will be required is an ID, as per EAC regulations.

The president probably announced this to ingratiate himself more to African leaders, who all congratulated him.

Now, Kenya is the third biggest economy in sub-Saharan Africa. As a rule of thumb, prosperous countries DO NOT fling open their doors to any and all immigrants from poor nations. Which is why, for example, Australia does not even allow refugees on its soil - it contracts others to build concentration camps far, far away.

As a Kenyan when you want to fly to Britain they even scan your eyes and ask about all you own, for a start.

I don’t know in which parallel universe Uhuru lives in if he doesn’t know that Kenya already has an immigration problem; we don’t need to compound it.

Crippled beggars from East and central Africa are already an eye-sore in every major town. Not only that, these immigrant walemavu have already started tapping into the little resources that are set aside for the disabled of Kenya. Can Kenya really afford to take care of ALL the disabled from East and Central Africa?

I will not talk about the thousands and thousands of Somali, Sudanese, Congolese, Cameroonian, Nigerian illegal immigrants that have invaded our estates, driving rents and the cost of living up, selling narcotics, etc etc. Or the million Somali refugeees Moi invited in and who became the bedrock of Al Shabaab after destroying the natural environment of NE. Remember Garissa Uni anyone?

I mean, hasn’t Uhuru learned anything from Mama Merkel’s experience? Our own experience with Somali refugees turned terrorists?

Fact is, Kenya CANNOT MEET THE BASIC NEEDS OF ITS PEOPLE, LET ALONE THOSE OF 1 BILLION POORER AFRICANS. Remember, when they come here, their children will also be eligible for ‘free’ education, health care etc.

As I have pointed out, the thousands of crippled Tanzanian beggars have already started consuming resources meant for Kenyans - one story in the Standard told of a woman beggar in Nakuru with 10 children!Those children go to school and attend hospitals paid for by the taxpayer, YOU, yet our cows and chickens are getting killed by Magufooly!

I can predict that Kenya will soon become a half-way house for illegal immigrans to other parts of the world - watakuwa wanakuja hapa wapate passport za Kenya to use to fly to Europe or whatever. End result? The Kenyan passport itakuwa kama the Nigerian one - utakuwa unaingia an airport say in the US you are led to a small room for anal screening!

I hate to say it, but there’s something wrong with Uhuru. Either the guy is not very smart or he has extremely poor advisors.

I am increasingly convinced that he will leave Kenya in a very bad place, starting with that debt he raised by 400% in four years.

Hapa nakubaliana na wewe kapsaaa. Hii rant chunga isifanye uwe na blood pressure nani lunch time.

brace yourself they are coming!

He has a soft spot for Socialism judging from his moves .Wish he was a ruthless capitalist like American leaders eg Trump who ever put their countries interest first.

Very objective,
Hapo kwa immigration inahitaji tough rules…
Immigrants are feasting on our women my friend, halafu sijataja hii upus ya high living rates.

hapo kwa debt ur right president take more debt in their final term to leave a legacy. appeasing is his big problem Ile time alikuja akidance na some dancers alinichosha sana

:):):slight_smile: tuna achiwa marondo.

Guka i admire your intellect but didn’t you know Uhuru is a dwarf on intellectual matters? Are you realizing this now? It is up to you now with your Jubilee.

what will those Africans be coming to do here?

Why do you have to call other Kenyans orangutans? Little wonder whether slave trade in places like Libya will end if some Africans view others as chimpanzees.

He lives for the moment not the future. He is like fuck youuuu and your future thoughts bitches!! African way of leadership is highlighted by typical African bush dads: his kids will ask for new clothes but since that’s too much work than having a second wife, he will buy them sweets and chocolates to make their claims fizz way.

Coupled with tens of thousands of Chinese ,Indian,Pakistani and European illegal immigrants, the once great nation of Kenya will now be a ticking time bomb!

He removed all taxes on Bodaboda making any inebriated loser afford one, and the result is clogged roads, accidents and indispline on the roads

So, the disabled beggars have passports, apply for visas or what’s this rant about?

Cheza chini boss. Ktalk lingo. Nothing personal.

Sometimes you disappoint.

I have clearly said that “Kenya already has an immigration problem”.

Removing visa screening at our embassies around Africa will compound the problem which we already have (because of weak border controls).

Is that too difficult to understand ngabu?

Someone sing for me UHURU RUTO TANO TENA.

Forgive. I was “quiet idly” stuck in a jam, very hungry, and a wet fry chicken overcooking somewhere. Luckily it’s moving now.

They are now gangs, always in a hurry. You have an accident with one and they burn your car. They are stealing and killing each other like rats

I agree with you on immigration. I hope this was just him running his mouth and his sober advisers will reign it in. That is a stupid move. That said, RWNEBP!