Uhuru's recent moves

We all know that Uhunye is not a bright fellow naturally, he is average. But he has at his disposal advisors in various fields as expected for any leader.
The last few weeks have seen the onslaught against the Tanga tanga camp heating up. Itumbi believes that Mutahi Ngunyi is the new consultant/advisor to the president.
We know Mutahi is a radical thinker and he may be behind some of the recent moves by the powers.
During this period, Ruto is crippled as he cannot move around pulling crowds, attending harambees, prize-giving days and funerals. It is the best time to kill the threat with minimal noise. The few posts and hashtags on social media will not have a big impact to the majority of Kenyans.
The system must be putting measures to ensure the coronavirus social distancing directives stay on for a few more months to ensure no Tanga tangaring for the DP lieutenants.
By the time we revert to normal, big changes will have been made up there with minimal noise on the ground.

Here’s Murkomen, after things sinking in. I like his approach though, he doesn’t show emotions, and it seems like he has moved on.
He seems to have a bright future in politics.
On Ngunyi, i thought Itumbi was there to counter him

You need your head examined if you can believe Uhuru consults Mutahi Ngunyi.

If he could be paid 90m for NYS it implies that he has the connection. Why was he directing the K24 political interviews?

Kijana. The deep state has always been there. It normally creates,nurtures then destroys politicians. It can then resucitaye them for fresh assignment after they have suffered and are ready to toe the line.

A brief story. In Mobutu’s Zaire,. All politicians in the country were in 3 places at any given time. In Govt,In exile or in Jail.

There was one minister who Mobutu Jailed. One day he needed his services due to his brilliance. Mobutu had him released and brought to his palace immediately. The glfellow was in rags,emaciated and smelt. As prisoners are wont to be. Mobutu castigated him for dressing shabbily and asked him how comes he had not seen him for long. Mobutu then appointed him as minister and gave him the assignment with all the perks of state. The fellow would later escape into exile in Belgium.

Therefore never be cheated that govt needs Mutahi Ngunyi or anyone to contain Sugoi or even Tinga.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Conservatives always win


The truth is if u r a prezzo in a 3rd country nani atakutisha? Its sad but that is the reality.