Uhurus new year messege

Fellow Kenyans,
As we come to the end of the Year 2014 and
usher in the Year 2015, we have a lot to thank
God for. We thank God for bequeathing us a
great country endowed with bountiful
As a nation and a people, we have collectively
achieved a lot and weathered many storms. In
all this, we remain grateful to God for bringing
us this far.
I am grateful to all Kenyans for the tremendous
support extended to my administration in 2014.
Your resilience, determination and hard work
have significantly moved this country forward.
Notably, I wish to thank you, my fellow citizens,
for your cooperation with and support to the
security agencies, who ensured that Kenya
remained secure during the festive season.
We have made good efforts to keep ourselves
and our families safe during the festive season.
On the roads and in our homes, Kenyans have
demonstrated that it is possible to be happy
and responsible at the same time.
We had a few and most regrettable tragic
accidents on the road. I wish to condole the
bereaved families and extend words of comfort
to the injured. On the same note, it is evident
that Kenyans have greater responsibility for
their own safety. This is reflected in the
significant decline in the number of tragedies
this season.
Let us work even more to be secure, safe and
happy. I am gratified that Kenyans, and all
others who live in our country, heeded my call
to go about their business without fear.
A good number of you took time off to enjoy
your holidays in various places across the
country. This demonstrates that united with
one purpose and in partnership, we can and
will secure our nation and make it prosperous.
I thank all the people who worked hard during
the holiday season to ensure that Kenyans and
our visitors remained safe. In particular, I
recognise our security personnel who have
done a splendid job in securing our country.
Many Kenyans have sacrificed their Christmas
to ensure that the rest of us are safe.
I also appreciate our doctors and nurses who
worked tirelessly to attend to emergencies.
On behalf of the entire nation, I thank each
and every one of you, and wish you God’s
blessings in the coming year.
Fellow Compatriots,
We are on an epic journey to our destiny; a
developed nation as articulated in our Vision
2030 blue print.
We, a great people of a great nation, are on a
transformational journey. While we know this
journey is replete with challenges, it is also
full with hope and promise.
I am privileged to be your leader at a time
when our continent, our region and our nation
are at the cusp of historic social, economic and
political transformation.
I am proud that our nation is a most promising
place for this aspiration.
Kenya is more than ready for this radical
change. We have taken off on the voyage of
prosperity, democracy, equity and freedom.
As we boldly enter into the year 2015, I urge
all of us to embrace the spirit of partnership
and oneness guided by a singular desire to
ensure that we contribute towards making
Kenya a unified and prosperous country.
Dear Kenyans, the year 2014 was remarkable for
our country. We achieved many of the goals we
set for ourselves. We made broad strides in our
endeavour to improve the quality of life for our
We significantly reduced the cost of electricity
by 30 percent, commenced construction of the
Standard Gauge Railway and three berths as
part of the LAPSSET programme.
We rehabilitated and expanded the Jomo
Kenyatta International Airport, and broke
ground on the long awaited Konza Technopolis.
In addition, the expansion of our road
transport infrastructure is proceeding in
Programmes are also being implemented to
improve delivery of health, education and
agricultural services. We continue to improve
delivery of public services through the
establishment of Huduma Centres, e-Citizen
platforms and the streamlining of critical
business processes across the country. This has
significantly reduced turnaround times and
costs for citizens and businesses.
The year 2014 saw a good number of
multinational corporations make Kenya their
centre of operations for the region and Africa.
The success of the Euro Bond as well as
expansion of the capital markets demonstrates
the confidence investors have in our future
Furthermore, the transformation of the
parastatal sector will positively turnaround
Kenya’s investment climate. My administration
will continue to make deliberate efforts to
encourage this trend.
In addition, my administration is implementing
other reforms aimed at creating more jobs,
further reducing the cost of living and doing
business, enhancing Kenya’s competitiveness
and contributing towards improving the quality
of life of our people.

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