Uhuru's icc case

President Uhuru Kenyatta was on
Friday summoned to appear
before The Hague based court
on October 8, making him the
first sitting President to do so.
Uhuru, who is currently on an
official visit to the United States,
will be required to appear
physically on October 8 to discuss
issues raised by the ICC Chief
Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda.
“Given the critical juncture of the
proceedings and the matters to be
considered, the accused is
required to be present at the
status conference on 8 October
2014,” case Presiding Judge,
Kuniko Ozaki, wrote while issuing
the summons.
Among the issue to be discussed
include, obstruction of the case by
the Kenyan Government,
intimidation of ICC witness and
killing of ICC witnesses.
Speaking at The Hague on Friday,
Bensouda welcomed the
summoning of Uhuru and said
failure to comply with the
conditions could see the court
issue an arrest warrant against
President Kenyatta.
“We will arrest him if he fails to
appear in person,” Bensouda said
while laughing arrogantly.