Mzito ako kwa TV now

Looks tired, but sober.

mbona umeng’oa thread haraka

Nimeona hii imepostiwa mbele.




Aachane na supreme court sasa they are irrelevant.

Back to DICTATORSHIP. just like his father before him. No wonder the continent of Africa lags behind the world in all indices.

i don’t see any dictatorship in Uhuru…

He played with clean hands, didn’t care who leads judiciary or IEBC. See what the gave him, fake form 34c. Maraga never cared about the votes casted. Blame the evil society, judiciary and IEBC for being partisan.

KBC yawa…its a station from Satan…

All broadcasters are airing courtesy of them… Mara ni Echo, sauti kupotea, Scratches…

Whose heading the damn station… Is he a Resistance movement member?? Burukenge yeye

Hasn’t he listened to Baba’s statement referring to him and Matiang’i as taka taka?

Ahsanteni sana, thank you very much! That’s all I heard from Kwese Radio

Mbwa enda ukaishi Somalia basi

He has already stated that he doesnt mind the insults but whoever tries to prevent a kenyan to vote tomorrow will see of firewood cutter

Kumanina jipe shughuli shoga hii. Hapana tambua takataka.

Literally accept and move on!! Uhuru is here to stay .



Mbwa wewe ningepatana na wewe nakunyorosha proper hadi bibi yako hawezi kutambua stupid faggot