Uhuru Wasn't Qualified To Be Kenya's President, Used Family Lineage

Out of the 4 presidents that have ruled Kenya only one was qualified. Emilio Kibaki.

Kenyatta Snr. Planted the seeds of nepotism and corruption

Moi was a genocidal scambag who looted the country almost to bankruptcy. May he Rest In Piss

Kibaki: inherited a rotten country with a negative 2% growth and brought us back onto our feet. By 2006 the KES to USD was the strongest it has ever been since Kenya was formed. Setup rural electrification, paved 1000s of KM of road, revived KMC among others.

Kenyatta Jnr. Drunkard scambag

Had Kibaki ruled Kenya for 24 years with his Economic skills Kenya ingekuwa ina export local brand motor vehicles. The guy didn’t talk much but delivered a lot.

Kuwa mpole ma uitishe drink yako pale kwa counter

Nimeenda home

2007 AD.

There’s more to a lake than just it’s surface.

Kibaki’s best years was his first term. His second time with the CCG was a disaster he launched so many projects that didn’t even get built.

Kumi fresh.

Kibaki showed up in 1992 and spoke clearly about what he wanted to do for Kenya but negroes would not listen. They called him names, sijui KANU B, sijui General Kiguoya . . . It was funny that his own kikuyu tribesmen were loudest and even more interestingly the Aembu and Ameru and Atharaka stuck with him. He was patient and 1997 he tried to convince Kenyans he was the best, outlining clear economic roadmaps to prosperity, mongols spread their votes across every tribal chieftain they could find on the ballot box. By the time they realised it was him, ameumia, amezeeka but he still delivered.

Long live the King Mwai wa Kibaki

The dollar to ksh exchange was better during Jomo’s regime. But, it’s true Kibaki was the best

wait till idiots vote for hustler just because they can… prepare for the shafting of the century

I always wonder whether Odinga after Kibaki would have been a better deal. He drinks, but does not quite swim in it.
Just wondering!!

After Kibaki we needed Mudavadi…

@qalonzo can make kenya great again (mkenga)

Tenderpreneurs were already taking over when Kibaki was in power. They most likely forced a Kibaki presidency after 2007

He was a Kanu sympathiser back then

Odinga in 2007 would have been better for us in terms of democracy because he clearly won. In 2013 it is difficult to tell because the same tenderpreneurs in Uhuru’s campaign were in his