Uhuru vs Parliament

Tyranny of numbers has turned on Uhuru. Parliament led by the Jubilee wing conspired to reject Uhuru’s appointment of Dr. Monica Juma as Secretary of Cabinet.

MPs are like terrorists, give them an inch they take a mile, either the President draw blood or he’s guaranteed MPs will pull a ‘coup de tat’.

MPs 1- 0 President Uhuru

Too bad for Uhuru he cant have his own “Special Branch” ya kufinya watu makende mpaka they toe the line.

On the plus side though his govt is riding a good tide, the budget was passed, KDF foiled a massive attack, even Britain took Mombasa and Kilifi off the “No Go zone” in their travel advisory; plus everybody else agreed Monica Juma was cut out for the job.

When was budget passed?

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Problem is this is a political thread and if I ask why some perennial loudmouth hasn’t congratulated KDF for a job well done, the way he’s used to shoot his mouth whenever terrorists attack us, some mod will take offence and remove my comment.

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Niaje unalilia president kwani ni wenu. Ama ni wewe @Mundu Mulosi aliita Mr. political Higi Haga?
There is a reason the parliament is there, and one of them is to either approve or reject those nominees. Sasa monica akakataa hiyo job Kenya iko doomed? Hao ni watu wametoboa kabisa kwa maisha you shouldnt be crying for them like I see some people doing.
Ati ooh kamwana, ooh Agwambo, oooh Monica, ooh WSR, ooh Jakom…Nktest.
Mi nilionea Wanajeshi walikufa tu huruma, especially after seeing the burial of one of them on TV.

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I think these are just calculated moves,try moving anything against gov,the best pr machinery at work.

MPs are like a pack of wild dogs, they hunt together when they have a common “goal”…Remember how they armtwisted the government for salary increment just weeks after the elections?
Thats Waheshimiwa for u…

You clearly missed the point am trying to put across, let me make it simple for you; I am excited MPs finally picked on a boy their size and I can’t wait for this fight to go down.

Monica Juma was rejected:

  1. Because she refused to give cash to MPs from a Confidential Gok account without proper accounting

  2. Because she refused to honor MPs countless requests for favours

MPs were even trying to extort the President to approve her nomination, tafakari hayo. They are even demanding he now sacks her from her current post.

Uhuru cannot afford to lose this one, if he does they will quite literally make him their bitch.

Congratulations for what? That is their job