I have lots of respect for the NIS , it has done a commendable job thwarting many terror attacks in the country.
My problem with it is it has invested a lot in fighting terror but totally ignored the subversive activities of our politicians at home who threaten the fabric of our nation. It’s either they have been outsmarted by these politicians, or, they are knowingly ignoring these acts.
NIS should be loyal to the presidency, since independence it has been.
Something is wrong at the NIS , they have totally embarrassed Pres. Uhuru many times.
If CJ Maraga and fellow judges cancel the elections tomorrow , I urge the president to re evaluate his position on NIS.
It has allowed the opposition to use the courts to take the country on a route that will threaten our nationhood and stability.
NIS should be ahead , it seems the opposition have better brains and intelligence than the NIS.

I don’t think you have expertise in matters of these kinds.

the national immigration service can only do so much…

You know nothing

NIS ina tuangusha sana… I wount be shocked if CJ na the Deputy CJ wa naeza pigwa risasi na watu waseme ni Jubilee ata huyu Maraga anaeza kulishwa copper na blame ita fall kwa Jubilee. NASA are capable of doing anything ku angusha Jubilee

Deputy Cj mwilu si ameponea kifo leo?

Murky waters I tell you

She’s in good company of those who’ve done so in the recent past: Babuon, Mwau, Wetangular…


there are ‘rumours’ from the naswa telekram channel that courts have been barricaded and there is no entry even for staff…

Waiting to see if Suzanna will be there tomorrow in the ruling

You’re thick if you think you can run the NIS like your small kibanda. Do you even know any staff of the NIS? You sack them now and they will be giving Nasa all the briefs that will take your Musamaki back to the bottle because of stress

Who knows. Maybe the NIS and by extension the president is aware of all the goings on. Maybe they even engineered the departure of Akombe. They could also be behind tomorrow’s case at the supreme court to sanitize the 26th election. With these things we are just “big fish in a small pond” ie we are told it’s the mwananchi that has the say, the majority, the people have spoken…blablabla but behind the scenes you don’t know what’s happening!

HAIL NASA! The agenda setters of this republic. National discourse has been set by the opposition for 4.8 years now. This lame duck, blood thirsty regime should just fold up and go home. Ati NASA can coordinate the taking out of uber-guarded judicial officers under the nose of a nemesis government? Then I want such brains calling the shots as THE government.
Dimwit uthamakistani logic.

Welcome back, we missed your discourse .What do you predict will happen from tomorrow going forward

I’ll eat, take a dump, won’t shower, bust a but , rinse repeat till Friday. With some episodes of big mouth (a very funny adult themed cartoon in between).

jibu swali ya ma’brain

Guess which finger I’m holding up.

This is not the right way to get the agency’s attention. You have recently expressed your dream/desire of working with them. You may start by volunteering as a casual laborer at the facility

Should I tell him not to struggle guessing it’s the same one you using to type this comment?? Ama wacha tu…