Uhuru Should Dialogue With Raila To Save Kenya

After the elections on 26th, after Uhuru is sworn in for his 2nd and final term, I hope he will open dialogue with Raila and offer him something prestigious.

I suggest he offer him the position of Kenyan Ambassador to Brazil or Columbia.


Umevuta ya wapi?ya malawi ndio naskia ni kali.

RAT anataka tu 10b alipe madeni ya one jiggy…
otherwise #noReformsnoErections

Yangu ni kali, inatoka pahali panaitwa Malemba Nkulu kule DRC:)

Uhuru alijipiga kifua akasema wakutane kwa debe

The only dialogue we will be making is at the ballot on 26th Oct 2017 between 15 million Kenyans. RAT has no exclusivity to dialogue in Kenya. We all have a mouth, opinions and actions.
TUJU SAYS President Kenyatta will not meet Chebukati because such talks will not change anything; asks IEBC to seek Supreme Court advice. https://t.co/mXnXw3Wtyf
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Old man rat should just go back to bondo and rest his balls
Kenyan politics is no place for old men
he might just get a Herat attack or something

So you want RAT to be rewarded? For what? His violent uprisings? What lessons will future inheritors of his brand of politics like babu owino learn? That violence pays?

The only ambassadorship that is available for JaKuon is Bondo. The surrounding counties adore him.

Trump tweeted that he had met the president of the Virgin Islands and held a discussion with him after the island was hit by hurricane Maria.
The virgin islands are a US territory so effectively he was implying he met himself.

Dialogue on what? All the required electoral laws are in place. Why are they anticipating problems before they’ve occurred. And in the event they occur there are remedies in place.


For real?

RAT had ample chance to dialogue with Kenyans pre and post 8/8. We shall answer him on 26/10.

Yes, it happened.

Not surprised. He also holds imaginary convos with the President of Mexico.

Ona reke njarie rúthiomi rwitú. Kaí andú matakíúí itherú?? Haiya!! Kaí andú mekúrakara, na riuma o itherú?

Ona ngwíciragia andú nímekúúria, ní kíí ndíroiga múthuuri úcio atúarwo kúría kúhandagwo bangi… Múbango uuma kúiganania andú aría matarenda búrúri úthií na mbere.

“So it has come down to this: The US and the UK have not spoken since the astonishing confession by IEBC chairman Chebukati that he cannot guarantee that the election slated for 26 October will be free and fair …

“Roselyn Akombe’s comments were even more startling, including her view that most Commissioners are keen to have an election even if it is at the cost of the lives of our staff and voters,” reads part of the statement by Raila Odinga’s Adviser, Salim Lone.

I know Mr Lone acquired US citizenship several years ago. However, he is still among members of the ‘evil civil society’ being used by foreigners to try to execute a coup in order to install their preferred man as president, and destroy the country in the process.

In previous posts, I have named many of these foreign funded saboteurs including Sarah Elderkin. Add Salim Lone to the list. Kazi kwako NIS.

Raila’s ‘Civil Society Friends’ on the Attack

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