Uhuru seems defeated and desperate

Is it because he has sensed BBI is failing? Just hear the tone of his speech. He is struggling to convince people on BBI

Muthamaki is just buying time. Before mjue atawaacha mataani mkose story ya kubonga. I keep saying here he has nothing to lose na bonobos hawasikii

wembe ni ule ule tano tena

When serious marketing of BBI start in The Mt.Kenya region, team Tangatanga will be left stranded.

Kula like for once from me

Who’ll buy? People are exhausted…if a whole president is burnt out where will his lieutenants get the energy from? When they talk electorates just leave…iko disconnect kubwa sana.

The only thing Uhuru can do at this point is resurrect skeletons of Tangatanga. And the downside of that plan is that he also risks making his targets becoming martyrs/sympathy votes plus having his very substantial skeletons being resurrected as well.

He’s worried because the economy is in a poor state thanks to his mismanagement and isn’t sure that he will be thrown under the bus by his newfound brother or his pissed off deputy, much the same way that Lourenco in Angola went after Dos Santos family or Tshisekedi going after Kabila.

Tricky times.

You can’t be a martyr for nothing.

Hii serious marketing mlianza bomas na bado imekataliwa, hakuna Katiba mnabadilisha my friend.

Ukichengwa tulia

The power of stolen money … inakanganya ata ma bishops

:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi: amekuwa president, mbona hajawahi implement hiyo upuz anasema?

Uhuru made some very stupid mistakes like someone on a curse, we were here and we said it will end in premium tears. What jakuon did to him is no joke, he was advised to keep him at an arm length lakini wapi. His voters are completely different from jakuons voters, he can not copy paste jakuons politics. Futhermore they supported him for the hate jakuons politics. Now he is so desperate that he even doesn’t mind using any dirty trick he can, something that is pissing off his supporters even more

His voters are the same. Pure sycophants. They are only angry because they did not get what they wanted. They expected to be advantaged by a president from their tribe but they have lost businesses and jobs instead.

Of late he is acting like the chief opposition leader. McThieth

Not really, saps are capitalistic in nature while Odinga politics favor communism. GEMA have never been sycophants and its evident by the resistance displayed to le President, communism must never take root.

Watu wakule jasho yao

Resistant displayed to a retiring president. The same guys sacrificed justice to make Uhuru president in 2013. they voted for him in 2017 even after he had failed and borrowed heavily. Lets not even talk about how they supported the looting Jomo and his buddies even after they were forced to buy land that was stole from us.
GEMA doesnt care about communism or capitalism. They have only cared about getting their men in presidency to enjoy the fruits of presidency (government jobs development and tenders). And the hustler politics of giving people free wheelbarrows can be classified as communist

Wewe cattle rustler endelea kufungua shuka na kuiba ng’ombe za your neighboring tribes.