Uhuru/Ruto playing SOME of their cards badly before Friday ruling.

Uhuru endorsed seats for the senate and the parliament and some communities feel disgruntled. Incase the court says that the presidential election is to be repeated, things might not be as smooth as he expects. Me thinks that he should have waited after Friday to announce that if it is within confines of the law.

Case Study: Merians

Merians abandoned Peter Munya who was the rebel that was to chart Meru a path towards political leverage in this one sided relationship with the Kikuyu in favor of the bootlicking Kiraitu Murungi.

Saa hii, Kindiki Kithure amerushwa nje (toka Leader Senate hadi sijui Deputy speaker, an insignificant role meant to support Lusaka.) This maybe due to his statement of running for presidency in 2022 thus Ruto akakula yeye equator.

However, this approach is bad. Kumekuwa na show ya asubuhi Meru FM(don’t ask why am listening to radio) and people were expressing their sentiments. Wanaona Wameru wamepigwa chenga if the numerous calls and the SMS’s are anything to go by. Hata pale Facebook page ya Meru FM, nobody feels flattered.

By the way, by Meru, I mean all Merians and not counties. Meru walipigwa equator, Tharaka nithi ndio hiyo.

Does Uhuru or Ruto(2022) have a game plan ama ameamua that he doesn’t need the 1M votes come Friday’s ruling or 2022?

My verdict : Uhuru angegonja after Friday halafu a dry fry Meru community like they always have done since it is evident that no goodies are forthcoming. Hata 2022, Ruto angerusha ka-mtu insignificant to bring in the Meru vote in 2022. Incase kuwe na election after Friday, what will drive the 1M merians to vote for Uhuru na hakuna goodies? Kutakuwa na voter apathy.

By the way am not saying ati they will vote for Raila, all I am saying is that they might not be very enthusiastic to come out and vote for Uhuru/Ruto kwa maana hakuna mtu wao.

Uthamakistan defenders, rest easy, tuko Pamoja.
Am talking about voter apathy, kama Uhuru atapeleka devpt huko, Ruto ako sorted 2022, it is the Friday ruling that is scary.


How do they benefit from one person getting that seat? Ama he’ll feed them all?


Inaitwa ‘mtu wetu mentality’. You get pride by saying " Hata speaker ni mtu wa kwetu , ni mto imetugawanya"


Niliona pia Kuria’s wamezusha about nominations. Apparently some kikuyu ladies have been nominated as MCA’s kule Kuria

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nonsense…you think the kambas or the maasais are saying the same thing? they couldnt give a fuck


Deputy speaker is more stratefic than leader at senate. It also gives one access to senate management



None of those tribes voted 96% for Uhuru. Hapa ni Meru na 96% in both counties

Unfortunately, people don’t feel so.

Exactly, ndio nasema hii dwy fwy ingekuwa after Friday. Ikifika Friday, Uhuru&Ruto would have been more safe to show people who aren’t Kikuyu/Kalenjin the middle finger

By the way am not saying ati they will vote for Raila, all I am saying is that they might not be very enthusiastic to come out and vote for Uhuru/Ruto kwa maana hakuna mtu wao.

He applied for that position and he was endorsed for it. Had he wanted to remain as a whip he would have retained it automatically. Deputy Speaker is more senior than a whip.


Move on boss, politics is not done on social media but on the ground

Kindiki Kithure was the leader Senate (is it same as whip?) . Hapo he was very vocal thus watu wa Meru walikuwa wanaskia mtu wao. In the deputy Speaker seat, he is reduced to being heard only if the Speaker is not available which is very rare. Hii ni equator amepewa na Ruto.


kenyans and their impatience. who said the goodies zimeisha kwa paperbag?


Meru Fm si social media. Ni watu wazee wanajua kimeru pekee huskiza. That is on the ground. Actually, people have been talking about it on the ground since the announcements.

Moving on, wewe unaona Uhuru/Ruto wataambia Merians nini ili watokee kwa wingi kupiga kura? After all, hakuna mtu wao.

so uthink it will be nullified:eek:

Bado that will affect Ruto’s 2022. Yeye ni Kalenjin basi si member of Uthamaki which Merians endorse.

Two, it is not like there is any mega infrastructure happening in Meru & Tharaka Nithi to compel Merians to go and vote in 2022.

Hapo 2022, hakutakuwa na mtu wao, na hakutakuwa na Muthamaki wa kupitisha. Hapo ndio shida inakuja.

Kenyan politics is simple, you either launch mega projects to entice voters or appoint ‘mtu wao’ in a useless position as long as they see him on TV. None has happened

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Labda development sasa which I think Jubilee will concentrate on in Opposition strongholds to lure in the votes come 2022 which is very clever as GEM(A) votes as a block . Mi sioni kitu ingine imebaki. Come to think of it, btw Ruto can milk the ‘Miraa will be back in EU’ card come 2022 making my points invalid.

I like the way you reason


the cabinet is yet to be appointed…

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