uhuru plunges Kenya into recession, blames covid


economists how do we get out? what would you tell Uhuru?

@Azor Ahai any thoughts?

Gatheca always has an excuse.

2 billion is stolen daily. Mnataka nifanye nini jameni…


Uhuru is not to blame. It’s a global phenomenon caused by the China virus. Even the US and UK economies are in the red.



The China virus has caused havoc everywhere.


Even the Ze Germans arent spared by the China virus


tuko ligi ya tanzania economic comparison wise… if you check the numbers, Tanzania is set to grow as kenya recedes

If you look at Kenya’s graph given hapo juu and the trend, you can see that we will get out of recession (positive growth) in Q3 especially now that most of the economy is open.


that is if uhuru does not fuck up any further…

BBI apologist tuko radar yako

Tourism is a major contributor to our economy and with the covid situation in the UK, US and europe getting worse it may take abit longer for the economy to recover. But the good thing is that most of kenya’s economy is open. Recession was to be expected when all flights were banned and local travel within kenya banned, pubs, restaurants etc closed.

Uchumi imeharibika ndio but hatujafika recession.hii nchi looters wangekua wanaspare only a quarter of what they usually still tungekua mbali.kenya people are hardworking

Ghasia peleka ujinga huko…nani hajui


We were not affected with covid like those countries

This would have not happened if Jubilee hadnt killed manufacturing

wembe ni ule ule wacha husler aingie aangushe kabisa