Uhuru Park with FN SCAR

Why is the KDF manning the platform with the dreadful FN SCAR? [ATTACH=full]133666[/ATTACH]

Because they can. Noogle

That is a given, but what is the assessment?

Because they have it. Sienj

Today? They’ve never done that before.

Am Shabaab would love to storm a national event, given last weeks bombing in Mogadishu you can’t leave anything to chance, those fuckers live amongst us and will take any chance to attack us if they spot a loophole.

Methinks it has to do sth with RWNP :D:D

Kumbe you knew the answer all along na unavumilia matusi? Masochist!!

hii swali uliza @imei2012 anatumiaga SCAR . Ama unataka atumie rungu kama GSU. Brare fuu

Riling up the village coz it is dull. No courts till Monday.

Lord of poverty might contract his zoomalia friends.

Alshabab wont score points by taking muigai out… They can only target civilians

Coz it’s what given to us meffi

Those are special forces

actually they do. How often do you pass near a military barrack

You all meffi villagers are missing the whole point: this is a mock up for the 26th. UOTP brigade will know they don’t know.

Sikuelewi boss, are you saying taking out the head of state of a nation that is hunting your organization down is less valuable than taking out unarmed citizens?

I may be living in one.

Because they are using it. kunguru.

Shida wako nazo yet pokot na Alshabab wanawasumbua na G3 na AK