Uhuru needs to be jailed


Firstly, Mutai ni fala.
Secondly, yes. Konyagi afungwe.
Must be the reason he couldn’t release the sgr contract coz he knows he sold the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is at it again with his signature meme… this time while greeting Kitui governor Charity Ngilu during the burial of Mama Dorcas Owino Nyong’o, Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s mother.

This man is very useless!

We really don’t give a flying toilet about memes. Kazi ya rais tunaijua and it’s not making silly faces. Jinga thamakistanist

Move to Tanzania, its better for you over there.

President Magufuli has indefinitely suspended plan to construct Ksh 1T Bagamoyo port which would have dwarfed our Mombasa Port.

He says, the terms under which China wanted to build the port, even a mad man would not accept them. He has asked them to build it in China, under those terms.

The deal to build the port had be signed by the former president Kikwete in 2013.

Parts of the Chinese demand were:

To own and operate the port for 32 years.
That Tanzania Revenue Authority to keep off from port operations.
That they should own the land on which the port stands for 99 yrs.
That they can start other companies within the port’s land without interference from the government.
That TZ should not develop any other port to compete with Bagamoyo Port !

Lazima sgr ingefika kwake shamba naivasha riwe riwaro

understand the concept kwanza.clealy konyagi has thrown the country to the dogs.Do you have kids? if not be prepared,if you do then you should understand why its unfair for offsprings to continue paying a debt from mistakes done by their foebearers let alone a new govt. having to settle it

i bet thtas the deal with have with SGR ,they own the land that the rail passes over for 99 years:D:D:D:D

Low IQ thuraku detected

Do you also belong to the shady brigade of ‘if someone shares a different view from yours their 1Q is low’?

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but we should not sit here and encourage such behavior of people talking out of their ass. In your opinion do you think huyo jamaa wa kusema uhamie tz amesema kitu cha maana? If not we should call him out for spewing nonsense. Shukran.

Can I reserve my comment pls? the author of this post has trolled me countless times spewing bull.

Kwani amegoroka?

No comment
I voted for him.

I guess the Sgr contract has such kind of terms hence the reason it can’t be made available to Kenyans even on request

Yes, fighting ignorance should be declared a number one priority by the current and future regimes in the great republic.

Alafu while they run it bado unalipa loan :rolleyes:. So pesa ya kulipa loan will come from where exactly. Ni kama bank wakujengee nyumba alafu wachukue rent and own the land, this while you pay their loan from money God knows where.

He tried to correct that mistake and its exact reason why they failed to secure the second phase of sgr loan.