Uhuru must learn to listen and listen carefully!

Usually i take Mutahi Ngunyi"s commentaries with a pinch of salt but running through my archive of his popular political commentary series dubbed “the fifth estate” i must confess that Mutahi was right on point about the aftermath of the August 2017 elections.
If only Uhuru would learn to listen and just not listen but listen carefully and thoughtfully the this nation would not be at the the political socio-economic crossroads at this point in time.Mutahi accurately predicated that it would take the rogue “JUDICIARY” to break to determine who forms or does not for the next government.


Mutahi… Shieth?!

Of late he isn’t taken serious like last time when he coined the phrase 'tyranny of numbers ’
He soiled his name in Waiguru’s saga. But the guy is good in prediction

Is this your prediction?

He must not only listen carefully, but sit on a floor mat and listen on how to wrestle your opponent down and make sure he is down and out

Mutahi alete predictions za fuutaball

Ego misleads those in authority towards dismissing views given by those they deem inferior to their position.

umesema kweli mhenga

On August 11 th when IEBC chairman declared Uhuru as President, it was certain that Ngunyi had erred. Little did we know a tsunami was on the way. This man is a genius, unlike ule wa crystal ball.

I trust the predictions of Prof Makau Mutua 100%. If he predicts something, you can be certain the opposite is true. That is why I knew Jubilee would win the election because he predicted they would lose.

I like your oxymoron… You should call yourself uongo kidogo :smiley: :smiley: