Obama’s visit to the country makes you appreciate the deep contrast between African leaders and leaders of the developed nations particularly Obama. I will single out the issue of SPEECH. Let’s not get this wrong, Obama sometimes does read his speeches but most of the times at least when I have observed him, he does not read from a script. At times he carries a small paper with his major points and elaborates in his own words. On the other hand is Uhuru, dude is forever reading his script. More annoyingly is that he reads as exactly as it is, not subtracting or adding at least a phrase. Even in instances where it is expected that he does not read someone else’s mind he goes ahead. For instance, during the Westgate attack, I expected that the president would come out and tell the country what his feelings are, our values … without reading some prepared shit. These speeches that he reads are very plastic, in fact if you have listened to more than two of his speeches you have a drift of what he will say in the next meeting. Kwanza the word INDEED haiwezi kosa. Mr President we need you to do better; say something off your mind, evoke emotions, capture the Kenyan spirit in your communications to the citizens. I thought that since you strive to copy President Obama you would copy his oratory skills but it seems you borrowed only the PR part. The only thing you can add to your speech is ‘Governor Kidero plant it, it shall grow’ my question is when will your oratory skills grow??? o_O:mad:

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Wapi Crazydude?

WTF are those? Ni spare parts za toyota ama?

This is a non-issue.

Very true, INDEED good and learned statesmen need not to read typed speeches. Imagine uneducated Lincoln in 1860’s used to give out excellent and emotional speeches from his head.
But the worst I saw was Museveni, in 2013 kenyata’s inaguration. His speech was written on a foolscap and he kept on struggling to read it with his specs and i felt ashamed of it!

dude, Lincoln, unlearned? He was a lawyer, and they refer to themselves as learned friends


Eehhh…Lincoln went to school and partly taught himself Law and passed the bar. Get your facts right

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Kenyatta does well especially in Q&A sessions. It show he has a grasp of issues at hand but he read most of his speeches. In a few public functions he has given up his speeches unread and proceeds to give unread speech

That’s besides the point c’mon

Wow! really? I would enjoy a speech from him without hearing INDEED… Link?

Have you ever had of Teleprompters?, and i’m sure the statement, “wenye hawana kitu kwa vichwa zao warudi shule” by Uhuru while in Machakos was not part of his written speech.

Kenyatta is one of the better spoken leaders we have. His speech writers are even better than the ones his predecessors had. Give credit where it is due.

Leaders in the West are puppets of corporations that control businesses. As such, millions is spent to train them in certain aspects that would endear them to the voters.

They even have posture coaching…

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How is that different from reading???

I am a better speech writer than his writers… The header of the speech I would write for him would read like " Mr Kenyatta quit fooling the public go ahead and tell the public what you think off your head BRARE"

Like i give a fuck. Both give their opinions anyway.

Because that’s what Obama uses, get it?

If you observed keenly when uhuru & obama walked on stage after being introduced by Julie Gichuru, you would have noticed teleprompters. Obama uses th. …ama wacha tu. it’s a non issue

At state house during the Q&A, session with the press, Obama, without a teleprompter was fumbing with words Just watch the footage, the media is replaying it over and over again. Meanwhile quit this ass licking attitude

On official business all Government representatives, speaking on behalf of Government/Nation MUST have a written official statement. It is a different story when the president speaks as person in charge of office then it is allowed for him to voice his agenda off head.

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