Uhuru Kenyatta on Citizen tonight. Don't miss!

I would have preferred Hussein Mohammed.


Tena umekuwa marafiki na media?

Si waorganise presidential debate. UK, Aukot and others.

Ann Kiguta interviewing the uncle? She’s Gecaga’s squeeze

Anne is too emotional wangeacha Hussein

Hussein, with Ruto!

Family interview

can you guys explain further; giving evidence of the same?

Inasemekana Kiguta ni squeeze ya Gechaga, but from reliable sources, she’s actually mpango wa kando to No.1

She has kids with him


Dio!!! Pia mimi nikuambiwo nimeambiwo.


i am shocked but i have to dig for more evidence
i’ll have to call some contacts kesho

We Go Official.
Jomo Gecaga is President Uhuru Kenyatta Private Secretary.
Jomo has twins with Ann.
Leo Usiku watalala kitanda moja na private secretary to the president,who he interviewed.
Ask yourself why only Citizen, nooo read Ann Kiguta, interviews President Uhuru. Then they splash EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW everywhere.

Empress WA kando

Sponsor manenoz

Uliwacha mapishi bandia Mr Fantasy Cook?

Hukupata memo, siku hizi ni kushinda njaa my fren

So what’s the problem here? :eek: