Uhuru hypocrisy

Uhuru is busy complaining about those people who are campaigning yet he himself started his reelection campaign as early as 2015 where he would go to North eastern and Kisii regions, Mombasa and other places to launch development projects. I remember Raila complaining to Obama that he was using theese development projects to woo voters and cause unfair competition. He even threatened to deal with chiefs who were attending opposition rallies during the last general election. And speaking of Ruto tangatanga, where does Ruto get information and permission to go and launch those projects cause yesterday he was in Nyeri to launch a tarmac road under KERRA.

Kiprotich langat arap sambu

You kales are falling into the Uhuru trap. Just keep quiet. Wacheni sisi watu wa sentro tudeal na huyu msaliti…

Otherwise you will spark a blow-back…

By the way I saw Sonko saying Uhuru term should be extended via constitutional change and Uhuru was clapping and cheering to it… Maybe the constitutional change should it happen… Is to have Uhuru remains as executive prime minister and Raila as ceremonial president… To succeed with this… He has to tame central mps to his side and I think this is what he is planning to do… Anyway politics has just started… Let’s watch as it unfolds

Wakale msiwe na wasiwasi. Mlevi yuko karibu kwenda nyumbani akalale awache kelele zake!

konyagi in chief of the defence forces ni fala tupu tu

Sonko will say anything to get ahead politically.

The ground is hostile

Meanwhile daktari uploaded Ourus pics online with praises captions

He may tame the Mpigs, lakini cendro watu ndio husema not the politicians.
Didnt you see sabina chege getting booed, when she tried to sell hand shake manenos?

Saperes are very crafty. They have turned against ouru as they know the country has no appetite for another kikuyu president. The moment ruto becomes president utasikia murmurs from central again.

Sonko is a mad man going home with konyagi

How cynical can we get! I thought they don’t vote for other tribes?!

They don’t but hapa they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Considering the history of the two communities they have no choice but to endear themselves to Ruto. As soon as Ruto wins utaona speedi wataosha mikono yao and start undermining him.

Uhuru started his campaigns in 2010 with the KKK alliance


it is only an imbecile who would think Ruto would be better than Uhuru. Moreover, it’s only a fool who would think Uhuru would want the constitution to be changed to accommodate him in the next Govt. I believe Uhuru means well no matter what the intellectual-idiots emotional critics say.

Then he has not read the mood properly. Kweli politics si mchezo. Uhuru was v against Sonko’s election as a Gavana and threw his weight behind Peter Kenneth.

You guys make it look like Kyuks own and operate the country. You give them too much credit while boxing yourselves into many different corners.
They are not crafty this time round. Wamekasirika na Uhuru, ‘bedding’ Raila. Fullstop.

Show us another candidate…how many times shall we beg?