Uhuru did me proud

I may not have met Obama in person, but the one who represented me, his Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta did me proud. He offered a true African welcome, representative of who we are and the common hospitality we treat our guests. He showed respect for the leader of the world’s largest economy, but at no time did he insinuate that the Kenyan people were any less.


Deep down you feel that Kenyan people are lesser than the west?

I like your avatar btw.

Agreed. Especially his answer on gay rights. I can’t imagine vile RAO ama kibaki wangejibu.

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Especially Kibaki na ile story ati nitaidumisha katiba kwa uhalifu wangu wote…and yet he had the thing written for him to just read.

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I dont feel like we are lesser, however, truth be told, we are behind on many aspects of western style civilisation.

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How can you like that avatar, avatar ni hii ya @Mundu Mulosi Bs, Ms, Ms, PhD and ScD.

Ulianza ujinga wa useless titles kama Jakeino kwa nini?

…but we are getting there, no matter the speed…

@Mundu Mulosi, bana


Woiye…You thot you would impress with titles. Hapa nimekufeel bana.Chora @Unicorm mstari ju ya kukushusha hivyo

When did you first hear of Mundu? These are my original names from Klist.