Uhuru continues to issue threats...

Something is cooking. We all know by now that Uhuru and Ruto are no longer together.

On the ground, Ruto seems to be doing very well. The top seat is his for the taking…as it looks.

However, listening to Uhuru’s outburst today, he kinda suggest that he has a wild card he is going to drop in 2022, or when the real race begins.

He is like saying he will talk to the men behind the power. He says he knows those who talk…and not those who are talking now…they must be the silent king-makers. the faceless men.

Shooting blanks, spent cartilage… only a damn and ignorant Kenya that still believe in this dude. The circle around him cock-tailed some imaginary enemies and fed it to him… all he can see are enemies out to destroy his ‘legacy’… someone need to slap the shit out of this guy.

he he he apeleke ulevi na hio bbi chieth huko,kama kawaida ni liwe liwalo

Konyagi 1 anajua legacy ni subaru nothing else

We have entered the era of lame duck Presidency. President Uhuru has state power and DP Uncle Ruto has political power. One thing President Uhuru should remember is that he was rejected in 2002 despite state power because the people didn’t favour him. He won in 2013 & 2017 by seeking peoples favour. His outburst against central and Mt. Kenya leaders is backfiring because the MP’s have clearly put the regions interest first and President Uhuru has put it last. Moses Kuria has said clearly from their meeting in Embu. If we can change 50 acts and laws to incorporate BBI proposals into reality then we can simultaneously do the same for coffee, tea, dairy, horticulture, fresh produce, etc that the people expect to be the top priority of State House as they promised in 2013-17. Where do you think the people will favour? Real politics at play. Hapa si nyanza, the top leadership has to sing to the grassroots tunes or go home.


This outburst is not surprising. Moses Kuria has decided its time for a different direction in central and he has come out strongly to lead that change. The fact that he is doing it without President Uhuru blessings, permission and he is from Gatundu South is rubbing him the wrong way. Just this week his morning talkshow at Kameme FM was suddenly stopped. Orders from above. Moses Kuria had over the last few week taken on sweety from Kirinyaga head on in her grassroots. Now he is taking on President Uhuru directly on the questionable decisions and non fulfillment of elections pledges to the region.


If i were uliam i would pull the carpet under the feet!!! But its a hypothetical scenario and i dont know anyone by the name uliam!!! ++++these are drunk tboughts found inside a wondering wonderer

you can’t be uncle ruto cause he is not a fucking eunuch like you

Strange enough he’s falling back to the ethnic politics his rubbish BBI purports to eliminate.
Why should a president feel the need to address a gathering which in the first place was supposed to be non political in his mother tongue?
Coz he wants to shepherd them into a loyalty tribal cocoon.
Gatheca clearly has lost it.

Av always said this, and I repeat, if you think citizens are the ones who elect the president in any African country then you are deceived. Konyagi Has said come 2022 we will know what to do with them. That should ring sense in your mind that your vote doesn’t matter, there are a few “mighty” people in a boardroom somewhere who decide your fate.
And remember, mafias and cartel cannot be subdued through voting, NEVER!! Because basically they control all government institution, including the executive. The only way to weed them out is through revolution and the closest Kenya came to revolution was before handshake that’s why they had to tame the ring leader

Uhuru ni chieth u can take that to @Motokubwa ukule nyama kilo Kwa bill yangu. He is not different from his sellout father. This time shineye tunaona mbali.

Moses Kuria has said clearly from their meeting in Embu. If we can change 50 acts and laws to incorporate BBI proposals into reality then we can simultaneously do the same for coffee, tea, dairy, horticulture, fresh produce, etc that the people expect to be the top priority of State House as they promised in 2013-17.

Prince ouru ame choka…

Mama Ngina amechosha central.

You can’t cow central with threats using powers that the people gave him. If there was one person left still in his favour then that has also gone by now. Now let’s await the reaction. So far its an angry reaction.

10 billion that bbi spent to collect stage managed views would have gone a long way to helping the people. Yes it was wise to bring in DP Uncle Ruto at the last minute to harmonize his views on it before final draft was released. However the process, secrecy and treachery has left a lasting feeling on it. Its now good and it will pass but not just what the dynasties want. The people must gain their share in it. 10 billion can build potatoes processing plant in Nyahururu they have asked for 20 years. Fresh produce markets and milk chillers in every constituency.

That does it.
It’s the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
Centro and Gatheca are done!

I know today he will drunk himself to sleep because the morning briefing tomorrow or report will be very harsh. Tonight talk shows in central will be red hot. So far the angry reaction is spreading. He is done in central.

This is the night event that rubbed President Uhuru the wrong way. MK was tipsy again, in Kiambu and ranted out peoples frustration on central being short changed. He said going forward the region will not negotiate on behalf of individual or seats. Each county, constituency will give a list of projects to Presidential candidates as non negotiable. Then after they can vote.

Watu kama Moses kuria ndo shida kwa hii government ya uhuru…

If he has balls enough he should start by sacking the Kiunjuri and the likes aligned to tangatanga and even scold the moses kuria and the likes well in public

i like how ruto is just calmly watching konyagi fall apart

And he has the guts to tell the crowd that he knows they wake up very early to go and vote.
Uhuru is about to know that unlike Raila, he owns no voters.
He raised the people’s hopes and twice they believed in him only for him to turn around and destroy the livelihoods of his core supporters.
Atajua hajui.

how times change…the likes of @spear are now speaking the language we have used for 7years…funny that they are only realising how incompetent and incompartible the dynamic duo were from word go…are recently as october so many of you believed that Uhuru was still with Ruto…what has now changed?