Uhuru change of Heart?

Or its a strategy to have BBI passed @spear

Fire service leader: “De Gaulle tower from fire service leader authorisation to enter 26 right.”
Co-pilot: “Le Bourget, Le Bourget, Le Bourget.”
Pilot: “Too late (unclear).”


Just like the pilot of ill fated Concorde that crashed during take-off said… Its too late to salvage ze situation.

You can not sell anything in DP Uncle Ruto stronghold without his favour. President Uhuru has just accepted that today. Central and Mt. Kenya region is fully under Hustlers and their leader is Chief Hustler.

My prediction remain true by this year ataomba msamaha. There is some talks ongoing already.

Mdomo baggy nini leo unaongea ni kama umeisha battery…kwani arap Kimwarer hajaachilia payslip?

Sagana Lodge…

The plot thickens.

Part TWO
SAGANA State Lodge MCA Meeting Transcript
MCAs reduced the agenda to Car Grant for BBI
President walks from the Holding room to the meeting Area.
First Statement in Kikuyu - " I will do what you want…"
Hoping to calm down the MCAs.

  1. MCAs answer him CAR Grant! CAR Grant!
  2. President explains he got into handshake “to stop Those people (ODM) from fujo… I consulted widely on the step”
  3. The BBi has many benefits, let us look at it, for instance MCAs will get a Ward Fund.
  4. I cannot promise you anything on your salaries, but I will speak to SRC. I will NOT oppose if they recommend an increase.
  5. On Car Grant…Cheers fill the room
  6. This is Now an ORDER. Car Grants should be processed for MCAs. Those who have been deducted should also get their money back!
    Chants of Support fill the room…
    MCAs stand in support.
  7. Please assure me you will separate Bbi and 2022
  8. I do not know who will be President. (Pointing to the Sky) Only God knows.
  9. If the President is bad we will have lost a chance to put the One Man, One Vote issue in the Constitution as Mt.Kenya.
  10. There is nowhere I said I support Raila for President.
    ( He never mentioned DP Ruto)
  11. All I have said is BBI. I do not know if is Akili you do not have…( Room silent, he went back to Car Grant to cheers again)
  12. I am going home.
  13. I want to leave Mt.Kenya safe. Let the 35% be in the Constitution even if we do not get the money, at least we will know it is the required threshold.
  14. Then he asked each County if they will pass BBI. With particular repeat asks on Muranga and Meru. ( These two must be most resistant)
    Meru mtapitisha BBI? Mtapitisha?
    Muranga mtapitisha BBI? Muranga mtapitisha? Muranga mtapitisha BBI?
  15. CAR Grant mniwachie. It is an ORDER. It will be done.
    WITH that move Presidrnt endorsed Shillings 4.6b on Car Grants.
    Na BBI campaigns na Referendum bado.
    Hivyo ndivyo mambo ilikuwa

SAGANA State Lodge MCA Meeting Transcript
MCAs reduced the agenda to Car Grant for BBI
The President left State House Nairobi a little Late
As a result PS Karanja Kibicho Started the Meeting…
Lawyer Tom Macharia started off with a Training Session on BBI.
A few minutes into the meeting, The MCA’s stopped Tom Macharia from proceeding.

  1. We have read the Document and we hear what you are telling us. On this Issue that MCAs will be CECs do not tell us it is Automatic, the word BBI uses is MAY. The Governor MAY…
  2. Stop Analyzing, the Document has no issues.
    When we elected The President he promised;
    a) Car Loan
    b) Mortgage
    THEN You refused and brught in SRC to play clever and give you a reason to break the promise.
  3. Those two things were Not delivered - Now it is our TIME. They must be delivered.
  4. Chants Followed…“Car Grant, Car Grant, Car Grant…”
  5. Kibicho called for a Tea Break.
    During the break he called Majority Leaders and Speakers Aside
    In the side Room the message was the same.
    Car Grant was Non-Negotiable. Irreducible Minimum.
    The President Landed.
    Kibicho took him to the holding room …
    One message, Please do not go in there without an agreement on Car Grants.
    Wameleta moto hawa MCAs
    All they want the Car Grant…

Wewe utangooja Sana, most likely mwenye ataomba msamaha ni uyo fake hustler.regarding bbi mtaikunywa Kama mwarubaini, very bitter but eventually you will drink it all . and stop the fake news about ongoing talks, we are fully aware of what’s happening

Desperate to see bibi yai thru

Uhüru is in too deep with his schemes to do an about face now. Its more likely a BBI strategy.

If there were talks for Uhuru to ask forgiveness (which I find laughable) then Uhuru wouldnt say what he is saying.

Remember the handshake… there were talks, agreements reached and political manouvers created for public consumption such as the handshake on the steps of Harmbee House. Sio ati Uhuru asking Rao in public medium why he had been insulting him.

journalist to editor: i have the article on sagana, my sources ate over 500,000 but their intel seems legit. sir, can we put this in the headlines?
editor to journalist: laughs first - kijana, this is too detailed, it betrays mountain bourgeois greed and makes the president look weak.
journalist to editor: but sir . . .
editor to journalist: sir nothing! summarize that to one paragraph, leave the headline to me. get out and ask njeri downstairs to bring me tea
journalist goes to toilets and sobs for a while. goes back to workstation then takes the original article, embellishes and cleans it a bit, logs onto ktalk and post it under mountain umeffi section. sobs again quietly then sends to the editor the paragraph. then closes workstation for the day, says hi to njeri on the way out. walks straight to sabina joy . . . .

Faq `em MCAs , faq BBI
fuak all of them!

Unatisha nani sasa kunguru hii. Ngoja saa mbili asubuhi tukuonyeshe our resolve

Car grants? Do we elect children to go and mbrooom mbroooooom piiiiii piiiiii takataka ya watu.

BTW didn’t WSR throw them the same?

Am against the flawed document, but mambo ilishapangwa ikapangika