Uhuru breathing fire, raring to go!

[SIZE=6]We’ll impeach ‘president Raila’ in 3 months, Jubilee has numbers - Uhuru[/SIZE]
Sep. 11, 2017, 12:00 pm
By NANCY AGUTU, @nancyagutu

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said they will impeach Raila Odinga in three months should he become president.

Uhuru noted on Monday that he and DP William Ruto’s Jubilee Party has the numbers.

The two will for the second time take on NASA candidates Raila and Kalonzo Musyka (Wiper) in the race to rule Kenya on October 7.

"Hakuna haja ya kuogopa hata akichaguliwa (there is no need to fear even if they are elected). We have the numbers and within three months tutamtoa huko (we will get him out of State House)," Uhuru said.

Speaking at the premises on Monday, the President noted they have the numbers both in the National Assembly and the Senate and they can use that whenever they deem it fit.

“There is nothing to fear…leo hii hata Raila akichaguliwa atatawala Kenya kwa njia gani (if Raila were elected today, how would he rule Kenya)? Jubilee can do business in the Senate without a single member of NASA present…we do not need them.”

It was projected on August 17 that Jubilee Party will be the most dominant single party in the National Assembly with 141 MPs and 26 woman representatives.

Jubilee needs nine more MPs to make the majority in the 12th Parliament, a balance expected to come from friendly parties as well as nominated legislators.

The ruling coalition and its friendly parties have a total of 193 of the 349 MPs and woman MPs who will make up the next Parliament.


Uhuru said they can even change the constitution without the Opposition.

“In the National Assembly, we are only 13 members shy, meaning we can even change the constitution without them. What is he going to do? What can he do?” he posed.

He added the Parliament sitting will take place with or without MPs in the National Super Alliance.

NASA MPs said they will stage a “mass no-show” in Parliament when Uhuru addresses a joint sitting of the bicameral House on Tuesday.

Minority whip-designate Opiyo Wandayi led calls to “empty-chair” Uhuru, saying they cannot sit and listen to a lame-duck President.

“We as members of NASA, and myself for that matter, find it politically untenable to sit in Parliament and listen to a person against whom my party leader is competing,” he said.

But the President said: “Ati wataboycott…well done…ngonja mtatuona tukifungua mbunge na kuanza kupitisha bills (They say they will boycott…we dome.wait and see us opening Parliament and starting to pass bills)…wakikataa kukuja waache…hata wakiboycott what difference does it make (They can refuse to join us…what difference would their boycott make?”

Uhuru said they have bills that only need passing.

Bills tumetayarisha. Tunataka kuzipiga dust kidogo ndio tuzipitishe…sikujigamba, ni ukweli. Kama hawataki (We have prepared the bills. We want to dust them off and then pass them. We are blowing our own trumpets…it is the truth. If they refuse) what is the problem? It’s alright, no problem,” he said.

“Boycott ukae nyumbani (Stay at home). The people who will lose are the people you present because their issues will not be articulated.”

Uhuru is scheduled to deliver a speech to members of the National Assembly and the Senate in his official opening of the 12th Parliament.

The constitution requires the President to address each newly-elected Parliament within 30 days after the swearing-in of MPs as provided for in the House Standing Orders.

The special joint sitting of Parliament is usually an opportunity for an elected President to outline his government’s agenda. But this would be unlikely as Uhuru is facing a fresh presidential election against Raila on October 17.

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Akianza kuongea hivi does it mean there is a real possibility of Raila clinching the top spot?


Too much propaganda. Just go to the source video and decide for yourself if that is what he actually said.


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