Uhuru becomes a grandfather.

Uhuru becomes a grandfather at 56 while some of you became/will become grannies before 36 after passing promiscuous genes to your sons and daughters.


tuli…ama wacha niwategee

wacha pia mimi niwategee

Leo nakua kama wonderful wonder. Muwe mumeona ama hamjaona thread inakaa papo hapo.

siuvae always uende baby shower…

Sasa hii ni news?Itatusaidia aje?

Tuliona kabla Mt. Kilimanjaro igrabbiwe kutoka Kenya na Wa Tz.


Sasa tutamuita Grandpa Uhuru

Pewa leso na kamisi…huu ni umbea mtupu

Swadtka kabisaa

:Dmathighs ngoa hii upuss

That’s a good year to be Guka. Congratulations to the soon to be parents

b4 Ocalan ashikwe pale kimilili


He got the girl pregnant and that is why they were married so fast.

Didn’t we all. After weeks of daily romp I was informed of the obvious 4 months later. Mind you we had a scare twice. At that time she was practically living with me and her cloths were in the wardrope. I didn’t even hesitate just told her to move in officially, stop pay rent kwake, we start planning for the baby and our lives. That is how I started my family. We thought of getting married quickly then the families wouldn’t know it was a love child and say the baby was born prematurely but we weren’t ready. Luckly we didn’t try that stunt. The baby was overdue and was born 3.9 KGS. Try and pass that child as premature would be hard. Alikaa sana and was big. My point is that its not a big issue anymore. Kulea ndio muhimu.

Uhuru is 9 months my junior lakini amenipitia left lane. Congratulations!!

Baby shower is done before mtoto azaliwe boss.

… Congrats for the new puppy