Uhuru and Moses kuria

Isn’t it interesting that Uhuru has never addressed Moses Kuria no matter what the latter has said? He even subliminally insults Uhuru but I haven’t heard Uhuru addressing him even once or even dealing with him and his corruption scandals like gatundu south cdf money/nepotism

He is a small local fish.
Chinese Proverb: Nyeki ya nja ndîrîîkaga.

Apan tambua nobodies. Kuria hata sio mtu wa kuacknowledge as a politician as it will taint your image by associating with him in any way.

Albino boy …are all uhuru’s men

Sometimes when the truth is so plain, fighting it very difficult. Vile
Moses Kuria alisema multi-billion projects hupelekwa other regions while only sobriety certificates are issued to Kiambu residents, who voted for Uhuru to a man, hit home and dry.

May be he know Moses Kuria is just a keepeee like you,so he got no time for drunkard gentiles

How far are you from achieving the saving target we set out for you.
If you know you are not doing well can you log out and go to work…seenji

I remember ukilialia ati your siblings want nothing to do with you. Did they stop treating you like mtoto wa kambo? That must hurt like hell to be rejected by your own siblings.
And no amount of alcohol can drown that feeling of rejection

BBI itapita upende usipende

Tukutane kwa debe


Kuria is gay. He’s always talking about Raila’s finger…in Uhuru’s ass.

niliskia Moses kuria hukamua mama ****a

MK sio kama waititi.

Stop hallucinating an look for 20k for coming Dec holiday.

Nop. You are just strange and your siblings react to it like all normal people would.