Uhuru amekosewa buana

Justin Muturi took being a traitor to level unknown in the recent history. A level of Blaise Compaore (sound like a name of an owner of a cheap brothel). No wonder hii DIstrict Officer Muturi never amounted anything beyond a district magistrate. Now let us wait for Kalonzo to defect to Kenya Kwanza

There’s something fishy about Waiguru and Muturi defecting to Kenya Kwanza. Close confidants of Ûhuru. Don’t forget Mudavadi and Kabogo were quite close to the CIC just recently. Tena Kalonzo kanaingia Ass-mio na kuanza kusumbua. Labda kuna MTU anachezwa.

Jeremiah Kioni lamentations about muturi shows how much uhuru was hurt. Arror is doing something right.

Why would a guy like Muturi betray his longtime buddy and confidant?

A traitor deserves to be betrayed as well. A man who betrays a friend who has stood with him for 20 years and in four elections has no business complaining about betrayal.

In fact, if Raila wins, they will have a handshake with the lion of Sugoi and the Kenyatta clan will not know what just hit them.

How gullible is Uhuru? What is his IQ? Did Mama Ngina with borderline senility mislead his son? Who are Uhuru advisors? What about NIS, who really runs it? How can a president even during his twilight years be so humiliated by those expected to be close to him? Is there some blackmail in play on those joining Kenya Kwanza?

Because he knows the centre of power will soon shift and he being a smart politician, wants to continue eating bread buttered on both sides.

Methinks Arror has a dossier on Muturi, some blackmail on play here…

What did he say?

I couldn’t agree more.konyagi deserves all the betrayal in the world

Politicians are a lot of things but not fools. To lead you lot they overcome a lot of wiser people with even more resources to beat them. The defections are due to one thing. The ground. From the start DP Uncle Ruto knew his power starts and ends in the ground. Not making deals in boardrooms, entertaining conmen under the name of tribal gatekeepers leaders and certainly not giving in to cartels demands to ran. He ran full blast at the grassroots in all 47 counties.

With the grassroots anyone can disagree with him and still come back. The betrayers, spies, friends and support leaders. They go to the ground feel Hustler wave and come back. If they can’t join UDA they join Kenya Kwanza coalition. Its that simple. Nobody will ever go to Chief Hustler and say put me above others or the people so that I get this because I was the sole reason for this or that. Everything is done collectively and what you are due to get has the people to decide.

So in summary folks are rushing to Kenya Kwanza because the grassroots resonate exclusively Hustlers, BottomUp and Pesa mfukoni. Self survival does the rest. They know uhuru is so out of touch with reality to save himself let alone save anyone else.


History have shown us, Kenyans talk something else and vote something else…

Hehe … acha ncheke kwanza

Centro uhuru aiibe tu, game iishe!

2007 ODM kingpins vying againist each other in 2022. Kucheswo nayo!

It’s appalling how you choose when to see and when to be blind. He is Speaker of the National Assembly but as far as your eye can see is DO!

when historians study Hitler ineptitude, they remind the world he was a corporal before he joined politics.